Spring Street to Remain Green-ish

June 20, 2013

Update 6/20/2013:

Spring Street to Remain Green-ish
The beloved Spring Street green bike lane is set to receive a makeover. Wednesday's vote by the City Council scales back a project that was installed in late 2011 to much fanfare and acclaim by downtown residents, bicyclists, and livable streets advocates. Despite steadfast support from Councilmember Huizar and the Downtown LA Neighborhood Council, film industry representatives were able to repeatedly delay the vote and force a compromise.

While the outcome is a step backward for the continued revitalization of Spring Street through downtown's Historic Core (the Spring Street Park opened just this week!), the new design is not all bad for bicycling Angelenos. The decision begins the next chapter of the City's green lane pilot program, which tested different designs and materials on Spring Street and on 1st Street in Boyle Heights. As a result, LADOT now has a much better idea how to install green lanes to maximize their effectiveness while minimizing their cost. The compromise design preserves much of the safety benefit of the full green treatment at a fraction of the cost since color is only used at the most important locations. In some ways, the final design on Spring takes the best of both existing pilot green lanes to create a hybrid approach. The savings from the Spring Street repainting will get poured back into bike infrastructure elsewhere in the city, including potentially new green lanes.

Please take a moment to thank Councilmember Huizar for being a champion of livable streets in the City of Los Angeles. From bike lanes to parklets to bike corrals, Huizar is leading the charge to reclaim our streets for people. You can email him at councilmember.huizar@lacity.org.

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