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Active Streets LA co-empowers communities through participatory planning to create safe walking and bicycling routes to parks, schools, and local businesses along their neighborhood streets.

The Active Streets LA participatory planning model consists of three community engagement events concentrated in three consecutive months:

Month 1. General Event: The purpose of the General Event is to get the community knowledgeable of what is going on. A bike ride and walk are also part of this event to get people out on the street that is under consideration.

Month 2. Mapping Ride & Walk: The purpose of the Mapping Ride & Walk is to take the community out to document their neighborhood through mobile mapping on both a walk route and a longer bike route, taking pictures of the shortcomings of the neighborhood's infrastructure.  The pictures taken on this day will aid in the following month's community charrette.

Month 3. Community Charrette. A community charrette is held in conjunction with the city Department of Transportation where residents are shown the Active Streets Toolkit with certain treatments that can be used as traffic calming measures on their street.  The residents can provide direct input on the traffic calming measures to the Department of Transportation.

The final outcome of the events is a conceptual design for a Bicycle Friendly Street designed with community needs in mind. The conceptual design can then be used to pursue funding to implement the measures.  

The following is a link to the Active Streets LA toolkit. Be advised that not all treatments in the toolkit may be available to use on your street. Please work with your local city government:

Active Streets LA Toolkit

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