In Our Shoes

Last Friday - World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims - was a day that I'll never forget. Alongside members of the Los Angeles Vision Zero Alliance, I helped to spray-paint over 500 silhouettes of shoe prints on the steps of City Hall East. Each pair of shoes represented a person - a mother, daughter, friend, husband, grandfather, child - who had been killed by traffic violence since August 2015. 


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LACBC Welcomes Jesi Harris as Organizing Director


LACBC is happy to announce that Jesi Harris has joined our team as our new Organizing Director. Jesi comes to us from the LA LGBT Center, where she served in multiple capacities, including direct service, outreach, health education, and professional capacity building.

A native of North Carolina, Jesi earned her BA in Psychology and English from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and followed her studies working with adults who have intellectual and developmental disabilities, helping them feel safe and included in their communities.

We sat down with Jesi to ask a few questions to introduce her to the LACBC community.

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20th Anniversary Logo Design Contest


Calling all artists and designers! The Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC) is turning 20 years old next year, and we want you to design our new 20th Anniversary logo! We’re looking for a design that acknowledges our community’s history, while also looks forward to a Los Angeles that fosters communities that are safe, fun, and healthy places to ride a bike. Everyone who submits a design will be given a free 1-year membership to LACBC! Plus, All submissions will be displayed at our holiday open house this December, and will be showcased digitally on our newly redesigned website. 

The winning design, chosen by our 20th anniversary committee, will receive a $100 honorarium, as well as the 2018 River Ride jersey featuring their design! 

To enter, submit your artwork & a signed copy of this agreement to by Nov. 20, 2017. 

Be sure to include the name, website, and any social media handles you’d like credited. Submissions that do not follow the below guidelines will not be considered.

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LACBC Calls on Councilmember Ryu to Make Necessary 6th Street Safety Improvements

Walking or biking on 6th street between Fairfax and LaBrea feels like walking next to a highway. Cars, encouraged by the design of the roadway, consistently speed, and crashes are a daily occurrence. Children and families who walk and bike to school, work, museums, and health centers must traverse broken glass and metal detritus left behind by vehicle collisions. In 2012, a 74-year-old woman was hit by a car and killed while walking near the intersection of 6th and Hauser. Since then, two more of our neighbors’ lives have been taken by dangerous roadway conditions on 6th street between Fairfax and La Brea. The time for redesigning this section of 6th street is now.

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Bikeshare Needs Complementary Infrastructure

With the opening of the pilot bike share station in Echo Park, LACBC is excited that Councilmember O'Farrell is driving progress to make CD-13 a safe and fun place to walk and bike. We look forward to partnering with the Councilmember to implement much-needed infrastructure improvements to Fletcher and Temple Streets, part of the City's High Injury Network.

Los Angeles streets are currently the leading cause of death of children under the age of 14 in the city. Too many pedestrians and cyclists have already lost their lives due to unsafe road designs that don't accommodate pedestrians or bicycles. LACBC is commited to working with local communities in CD-13 to ensure that a comprehensive network of safe infrastructure is in place. We encourage Councilmember O’Farrell to continue to support the safety of our neighbors by implementing infrastructure improvements on Temple and Fletcher.

Erik Jansen Named New Executive Director of LACBC

Today, the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC) Board of Directors announced Erik Jansen has been appointed Executive Director of LACBC. Erik joined LACBC in 2016 as Development Director, then became Deputy Executive Director of Advancement in February of 2017, and has been Interim Executive Director since the departure of Tamika Butler earlier this summer. The LACBC board and staff know Erik for his energy, experience, and commitment, and are excited for him to lead the coalition in working to make biking safer and more equitable for all people of Los Angeles County.

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Metro Blue Line First Mile/Last Mile Projects

This summer, LACBC hosted two events along the Metro Blue Line as part of a pilot project to improve safety and access to each Blue Line station. While bus and train rides usually make up the core of a person’s trip, people often get from their homes to the train, or from the train to work, on their own. This is known as First/Last Mile, and often requires folks to walk, ride, or roll to access a transit center.

This First/Last Mile project started last fall with six other community-based organizations including TRUST South LA, Multicultural Communities for Mobility, American Pacific Islander Forward Movement, Ride On Bike Coop, East Side Riders, and Healthy Active Streets.

Each organization led walk audits with volunteers and community members around each of the 22 Blue line stations to assess them for safety and ease of access, and to help identify opportunities for improvement.

LACBC staff and volunteers completing walk audit materials at Compton Station in January.

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Over 300 Volunteers Tally Number of People Walking and Biking in Fifth Los Angeles Bike and Pedestrian Count Presented by Metro


Volunteers from across the City of Los Angeles are out on the streets today, counting the number of people walking and biking at over 100 unique locations. Since 2009, the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC) has led this biennial all-volunteer effort to track the growth of walking and biking over time in Los Angeles. The 2017 LA Bike + Ped Count, presented by Metro, is produced in collaboration with Los Angeles Walks and local partner organizations throughout the city. The LA City Bike + Ped Count is the largest source of data on walking and biking on Los Angeles streets. Previous data collected demonstrated year-to-year increases in the numbers of people biking and walking, particularly where the city has installed new and improved infrastructure, and helps make the case for further investment in our communities. 

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Vision Zero Alliance Launches Policy Platform

Los Angeles Vision Zero Alliance Marks Two Years of Vision Zero Initiative by Announcing New Policy Platform

platform.pngLast week marked the two-year anniversary of LA City’s adoption of Vision Zero, calling for a 20% reduction in traffic deaths by 2017, and the elimination of traffic fatalities by 2025. To help reach this goal, the Los Angeles Vision Zero Alliance released its official policy platform.

The Alliance is a coalition of more than 20 community-based and advocacy organizations, including LACBC, that has worked since August 2015 to support and influence the implementation of the City’s Vision Zero initiative.

As part of the Alliance, LACBC will use the platform to monitor, track, and evaluate relevant departments holding each accountable to the City’s own Vision Zero goals.

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Climate Ride Profile: Angela DeVore


Getting to participate in your first Climate Ride is special no matter how you get there.

Next week, Angela DeVore will join Team LACBC as they depart for five days of riding in the San Juan Islands and Olympic Peninsula! And this ride is a special one because of how much work Angela put in to get here. I caught up with Angela earlier this week in Griffith Park to talk about Climate Ride, her favorite places to ride, and James Dean.

From One Climate Ride to the Next

Angela was signed up for the California Central Coast Climate Ride in June, but injured her elbow in spring. The team encouraged her to set her sights on the Pacific Northwest Ride instead, and she decided she'd figure out a way to be fully rehabbed by August. The thought of missing the opportunity to ride in the Pacific Northwest with Team LACBC was too great to miss.

Angela has always ridden bikes for recreation, but her interest became serious about ten years ago when she decided to start training for a triathlon. Cycling quickly became Angela's favorite sport of the trio.

Riding a bike complements her background in set and theme park design, as she's someone to whom California's diverse landscape serves as an inspiration. 


Ain't no mountain high enough.

Queen of the Mountain

Angela loves the many challenging climbs in Malibu and the Santa Monica Mountains, including Latigo, Piuma and Mullholland.

In fact, she loves climbing so much that she's covered many of the state's greatest rides, venturing into the Sierras, Northern California, San Diego and the San Gabriel Mountains.

Of course when she got offered an adventure through Italy's Dolomites to test ride the Liv / Giant Langma for her first ride review for Road Bike Action Magazine, she couldn't say no. Check out her piece, going live in September!


Taking in this year's Giro Rosa.

Squad Goals

It was clear from talking to Angela that the other thing she loves most about cycling is the camaraderie.

Los Angeles has a great women's cycling scene, and Angela has made tons of new friends riding with groups and friends - having fun and pushing each other at the same time. Through these rides, Angela became close friends with LACBC Board Member Nora Hipolito.

Nora has done a number of Climate Rides, and when this year's event came onto the schedule, she (easily) convinced Angela to join the ride. She joined Team LACBC for the camaraderie, but also to raise money for two organizations who she really supports. (Angela still needs to hit her fundraising goal: please click here to support her, LACBC, and planet earth.)

Angela's currently moving into a new career of real estate investment, and focusing on working with buildings to become LEED certified.

As for Climate Ride Pacific Northwest, she won't have to go it alone as teammates Alek Bartrosouf, Alex Calleros, Izzy Coutin, and Greg and Tish Laemmle will also be along for the ride.

Follow Team LACBC on Facebook and Twitter as we'll be sharing their progress from August 3 - 7!


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