Army Corps Closes L.A. River Path (Again)


This week, many cyclists were alarmed to find that the L.A. River Bike & Pedestrian Path through the Elysian Valley was closed for flood risk management and vegetation removal with limited public announcement. The Los Angeles District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is responsible for the closure, and we have noticed that they have a pattern of little to no notification for closures.

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Behind the 2017 LACBC Kit with superdomestik


súperdomestik's superpacer kit and the LACBC 2017 Jersey


Los Angeles contains an exciting and vibrant cycling scene and LACBC was looking to capture that essence that with our 2017 Cycling Kit Collection

We paired with local designer súperdomestik, whose work has widely been featured in Bicycling Magazine, the Radavist and a number of other publications. It was also important to have our kits manufactured in California, so we partnered with Voler to produce our clothing out of their home in Grover Beach.

We spoke with Kjeld Clark of the súperdomestik collective about his experience as a designer and how the LACBC kits came to be.

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9 Reasons Why You Should Join Us for the 3rd Annual Firefly Ball

The 3rd Annual Firefly Ball is in one week, and the Firefly Ball Committee and LACBC Board and Staff are excited for what is to come! We’ve compiled a list of the best reasons, in no particular order, why you should join us. Read on, and RSVP by Monday, October 24th (new deadline!), at:

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Measure M: Sharing the Possibilities to #MakeLACounty


At Sunday's CicLAvia - Heart of Los Angeles, LACBC set up a booth at the MacArthur Park hub where we talked to people from all over L.A. County (and beyond). A lot of folks expressed their enthusiasm at the ways in which they have seen improvements in biking in their areas and some expressed how they would like to see more.

Measure M, also known as the Los Angeles County Transportation Plan, has the possibility to #makeLACounty more bikeable, more livable, and more connected. CicLAvia goers shared why they planned to #VoteYesOnM on November 8th and how Measure M can transform L.A. County. See some of the responses below.

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Measure M: Transportation and Beyond


A broad coalition came to the L.A. Coliseum on today to support Measure M (photo by Move LA)

As you know, LACBC has endorsed Measure M in the November 8th election because Measure M will make L.A. County more bikeable, connected, and livable. We join a broad group of supporters that includes both partner organizations that we have been working with for years and organizations and groups that we are excited to work with for the first time. While Measure M may be referred to as “The Los Angeles County Traffic Improvement Plan,” its benefits can be felt beyond transportation in the ways it will affect age-friendly communities, health, education, jobs, the economy, the environment, and more.

We’ve rounded up a few endorsements from organizations that are urging you to #VoteYesOnM on November 8th.

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Measure M: LACBC Staff Reflects on What Measure M Means to Us


Measure M can mean different things to different people even when you poll a small circle.

The Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition works to make all communities in L.A. County into healthy, safe, and fun places to ride a bike. Our staff shares these values, but we are also comprised of a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences so that Measure M means different things to each of us.

We asked our staff what Measure M means to each of them and here is what we heard.

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LACBC Family's First Ride Brings Out People of All Ages


LACBC Family launched our first group ride this past Saturday with a great showing. Around fifty riders of all ages showed up at Marsh Park as we made a group excursion across Elysian Valley, Atwater Village, and Los Feliz for a day of fun.

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Measure M: #MakeLACounty Connected with the Santa Clarita Valley


On November 8th, L.A. County residents will vote on Measure M, which will provide approximately $120 billion for transportation projects, including $4 billion for walking and biking, over the next 40 years. This regional measure covers all of L.A. County, and its versatility can be demonstrated in the Santa Clarita Valley, where relief is needed for the region's specific transit needs.

You can link the Santa Clarita Valley's rapid growth directly with America's love affair with the car stemming a network of wide, high-speed streets. As a result, this has created obstacles for commuters traveling distances both near and far.

The Measure M investments coming to the Santa Clarita Valley will not only help relieve traffic, but also build better neighborhoods supporting improved bike and pedestrian infrastructure.

Nina Moskol is the Chair of the Santa Clarita Valley Bicycle Coalition, a local LACBC chapter and knows area's needs. We asked Nina to describe the Santa Clarita Valley's current landscape and how Measure M can help #MakeLACounty connected. 

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LACBC Family: A Week Biking along Pacific Coast Highway with Family


(photos by Joe Linton)

The Pacific Coast Highway has an amazing stretch of scenery that people travel from all over the world just to visit. Most will pack up the family and drive along the majority of the coast, getting just a compartmentalized view while confined inside a car.

It may sound intimidating touring the coast with your family by bike, but as many parents have discovered, committing to go car-free is an experience that is more than worthwhile.

Joe Linton has traveled PCH before by bike and recently spent a week-long excursion with his wife Carrie Lincourt and three-year-old daughter Maeve, riding almost 150 miles carrying all they needed.

As the co-founder of LACBC dating back to 1998 and an experienced cyclist, Joe wasn't intimidated planning this journey and is already looking forward to the next family vacation again on two wheels.

Joe wrote about his travels as editor of Streetsblog LA and gave more details about his trip for LACBC Family.


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Off the Chain with Tamika: Measure M Will #MakeLACounty. . .

Off the Chain with Tamika: Measure M Will #MakeLACounty

Hey LACBC Fam,

It’s September. Fall is starting, students are back in school, and the election season is in full swing. At LACBC we’re in campaign mode and on Tuesday we launched our #makeLACounty Measure M campaign. We’re excited to inform and educate you on Measure M and how it will #makeLACounty more bikeable, livable, and connected. We helped Mayor Eric Garcetti kick off the Measure M campaign two weeks ago with many of our partners.

We’re going all in on Measure M because for the first time it gives LA County a chance to have dedicated and sustained funding for people who walk and bike--over $4 billion worth of investment.

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