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What is Climate Ride California?

A 5-day, 330-mile charity cycling adventure in Northern California that goes through the Redwood Forest and down the stunning California Coast. This year, Climate Ride is from May 22-26.

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Where Can I Learn More About the Route?

Right here. Click on the "Day-by-Day Info" tab.


Do they Feed Me?

Yes, and then some. Between all the official pit stops and three square meals, you'll not go wanting.


Is Climate Ride a "Dry" Event?

No, it’s not. Though, of course, drinking on the route is never advised! However, you are free to purchase alcoholic beverages on the road and toss it in the support van to be brought back to camp. There's even an official stop at a sustainable vineyard/wine tasting room on Day #4.


Who does Climate Ride Benefit?

Climate Ride benefits numerous agencies doing inspired work to combat Climate Change and tackle the tough environmental issues of the day.


How does it Benefit LACBC and/or my Local Chapter?

LACBC is an officially recognized beneficiary of Climate Ride California. When you join Team LACBC, most of the money you raise comes back to LACBC to help transform our neighborhoods. If you are riding for a local chapter, your chapter will receive 50% of the money received by LACBC due to your participation. Note, to insure this happens, you must designate LACBC as your sole beneficiary when registering for the ride.


What is Team LACBC's Diversity Program?

We're asking the community to help us make our team more diverse and better representative of the neighborhoods LACBC serves. Please note that riders chosen for this program may not fundraise for a local chapter.  Click here for more info.


How do I Join Team LACBC?

1) Register for Climate Ride California.

2) Choose "Team LACBC" as your Team.

3) Select "Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition" as your SOLE beneficiary organization.

Tip! Enter "LACBC” in the promo code field during Step #4 of the Climate Ride registration process to receive $25 off the sign-up fee.


How Much Money Do I Have to Raise?

Climate Ride asks each rider to raise at least $2800 in order to qualify for the event. It's not as hard as you might think. With the advice and tools Climate Ride gives you (including your own online fundraising page) and guidance of our Team Captains, it's highly likely you will meet and probably exceed the minimum requirement! Once you commit and tell people what you're doing, you'll be amazed at how inspired your friends and community will be to support you.


Are there Perks for Me?

Perks galore, actually! And you get them from two different sources -- Team LACBC and Climate Ride. For starters, every team member is supplied with both an official Climate Ride California 2016 Jersey and a spiffy Team LACBC Jersey (the latter, sporting your name!). But there's much more, all attainable given your fundraising levels. For Team Perks, see the attached PDF. For Climate Ride perks, check here.


Are there Perks for My Donors?

Again, the answer is absolutely! Starting at with a Free Membership to LACBC and all the way up to being a "Presenting Sponsor." Note, for $200 or more your donors can have their names on the back of our team jersey! For a full list of Donor Perks, see the attached PDF.


Do I Have to Train?

The short answer is "probably." It all depends on your current fitness level. But training can be one of the most rewarding parts of the experience. Going on team training rides is a great way to get in shape, learn riding tips, and bond with fellow team members. Your friends and supporters are welcome to ride with the team too! Get the scoop on weekly rides at the Team Facebook Page. There will also be training ride announcements each week in the LACBC newsletter. Sign up for the newsletter on the LACBC website.


How Hard is Climate Ride California?

The Northern California coastal route is plenty challenging for most of us cycling mortals. Which is good news, right? Conquering this route will definitely be a notch on your cycling belt ... and for some of us, even a new pinnacle of cycling achievement. But here's more good news: Climate Ride is a ride, not a race. The route is open all day and you're free to take it at your own speed. Chill out and smell the roses or crush it with the hammer heads up front. Totally your call. And if you want to stop pedaling, that's okay too. SAG support will pick you up at any point and escort you back to camp. No questions. No judgment. In the end, you get to do Climate Ride your way.


How Many Miles Per Day?

An average day is 60-65 miles. Day #3 includes an optional century -- do it all or as much as you like. The last day weighs in a bit shorter at 40 miles.


What Do I Need to Bring With Me?

Once you sign up, Climate Ride provides you with a comprehensive list of items. But the main ingredients are your bike/gear, clothing for riding and camping, and a tent plus sleeping bag. If you don't have a tent, we can help you find one at a reasonable cost. Or potentially pair you up with somebody who has room to spare.


How Do I Get to the Ride?

You'll need to find your way to San Francisco first thing in the morning on May 21. From there, you'll board the Climate Ride shuttle (with the rest of the Team) to the start of the Ride in Fortuna, CA. If desired, you could skip this step and meet the Team in Fortuna. But the shuttle is convenient and highly recommended.


What are the Fees?

1) Registration is $100 or $75 with the discount code (See "How do I Join LACBC?" above for details).

2) The Shuttle is approximately $150 (depending on when you book it) and includes the following:

- Transport for you, your bike, and belongings from S.F. to Fortuna, CA

- Lunch at the Solar Living Institute (on the way up to Fortuna)

- Dinner at the Eel River Brewing Co. in Fortuna

- Camping in Fortuna (night of May 21)

- Breakfast morning of May 22


Any Other Expenses?

Other factors include transportation to the Bay Area plus your particular equipment needs. Note, with all the food provided and camping fees covered, theoretically you don't have to fork out one dime during the ride itself! That being said, you can never go wrong with a little spending money.


Should I Do It?

Do you relish a challenge? Do you like having peak life experiences? Do you enjoy pedaling through landscapes of unspeakable beauty? Are you willing to inspire and be inspired by others? Perhaps make a new friend or three? Help make our neighborhoods safer and more bicycle friendly? Not that we're inclined to answer a question with a question or anything.

Speaking of questions, we're happy to answer any and all you might have.  Scroll down for all the ways you can reach us.


How Do I Connect with Team LACBC?


Climate Ride Coordinator

Marc Horwitz • 310-497-6175


Team Captain

Greg Laemmle


Team Captain

Nora Hipolito


How Do I Find the Team on Social Media?

Follow us on Facebook! Check our page to get all the team-related news and Training Ride updates.


How do I Find the Team on the Web?

We have a page on LACBC’s site. Check it out —



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