How do you #bikeLA?


Where do you ride & how often do you ride?

What makes biking in LA great?

What needs to be done to make biking LA better?

  • commented 2018-01-14 15:38:27 -0800
    Always enjoy the CiClavia when I can, plus LA River ride, going back to at least 2006 or so
  • commented 2018-01-12 13:22:09 -0800
    Commuter, either bike or bike and train from Northeast LA to across town to west LA
  • commented 2017-12-31 22:05:47 -0800
    We started as a part of Midnight Riders and LA Critical Mass. We have taken a break to raise our baby and waiting for her to be big enough to join the bike community back as a family. We love the LA cyclavia. We hope to see more family bicycle event in LA midwilshire area.
  • commented 2017-12-30 13:46:13 -0800
    Honestly, Solo + the right Music is my key to better and longer rides. Oh and it is even more fun this way. I tend to enjoy it most as I allow myself to sort of meditate while I ride. And that is probably why Im so fit haha. Meditate to ride, and ride for your
  • commented 2017-12-29 11:00:21 -0800
    I ride 4-5 times a week to my mail box, grocery shop and to farmers markets. I also ride downtown to meetings, court, and the jails where I work as a mitigation expert. LA is a great ride because of the weather, relatively flat terrain, and friendly cosmopolitan people. I love to ride in LA because no matter which neighborhood you are in, there is an amazing restaurant, like KazuNori in downtown LA. Parking out front is usually a breeze but we could always use more bike parking. I enjoy waving to other bike commuters.
  • commented 2017-12-28 15:41:04 -0800
    I’ve been interested in road cycling since the early ’80s. I ride for fitness and for the adventure.
  • commented 2017-12-23 15:57:40 -0800
    Lifetime cyclist; pleasure, commuting, errands, cycle touring. The best way to travel!
  • commented 2017-12-21 10:15:26 -0800
    dodging potholes in Pomona, dodging traffic at Cal Poly Pomona
  • commented 2017-12-20 21:54:32 -0800
    Bike to and from the Pure Cycles office!
  • commented 2017-12-18 16:26:34 -0800
    I’m that weird bike lady who commutes down Sunset in a neon vest and orange safety flag. Thanks for all you do LACBC!
  • commented 2017-12-13 13:51:46 -0800
    By just pulling my Brompton from the trunk, and riding off fast on a relatively flat surface!

  • commented 2017-12-11 18:08:22 -0800
    Cool morning air. Helmets on. My boys hop on the cargo bike. And together, we ride to their preschool. Exploring our neighborhood, talking about what we see and hear. Good times!
  • commented 2017-12-06 19:13:42 -0800
    It is the fastest way to get to work in Brentwood.
  • commented 2017-12-04 11:51:27 -0800
    I love riding and I love exploring the city by bike. LA has so much varied topography and places to ride. I so appreciate LACBC for advocating for more bike infrastructure in this city, and there is so much more to be done! Looking forward to being more involved.
  • commented 2017-12-02 15:58:52 -0800
    I’ve relocated to Vancouver, WA but I’m renewing my membership for 2018 because I continue to support bicycling in Los Angeles (my home town) and throughout these United States.
  • commented 2017-11-24 18:35:08 -0800
    My friends from out of town are amazed that I can open up the garage door and roll out on my bike, going any direction I want.
  • commented 2017-10-28 22:42:04 -0700
    I used to ride all the time between Pasadena and Glendale, but fell off the wagon. Gotta get back on the bike. I wish it felt safer here. I really wish we had that bike path down the Verdugo Wash which connected to the LA River path. Now that would be fantastic!
  • commented 2017-10-10 13:00:07 -0700
    I ride to and from work and around town. The weather, being outside and good infrastructure near me make riding here great. Continued development of safe places to ride so more people feel comfortable to do it will make it better.
  • commented 2017-10-09 00:51:53 -0700
    So, I work from home so I pretty much do not need to commute to work. Nevertheless, I tend to always be on my bike where ever I go (groceries, friends…etc), so I ride almost everyday and I do so because I enjoy it, not because Im on a diet or whatever. As soon as I got used to it, it somehow became my subconscious traveling tool from then on. Since I work on my own website on pool servicing, I encourage all my customers to follow a healthy lifestyle like I do.

    Here’s the web if you wanna check it out:
  • commented 2017-10-05 10:37:44 -0700
    I live and love to ride/walk/run through Foothill communities just north of Downtown LA. There have been 10 deaths (cyclist/peds/motorcycle) in my community over the past 2-3 years. The last was in Nov. 2016 when a cyclist lost his life riding home from dinner. There were NO BIKE lanes at the time of his death. The City finally installed much need bike lanes in 2017 on this 1/4 stretch of Foothill Blvd. The Bike Lanes have been met with much opposition from local residents. But has been welcomed and praised by cyclists, joggers, and pedestrians that use this stretch as a thoroughfare to the other Foothill communities welcome it with open arms! The residents seem to believe the bike lanes are dangerous to the cyclists who use them. I now can enjoy the local scenery, mountain air, trails, and roadways the Foothills/North Valley provides. Come join us!
  • commented 2017-09-15 09:50:49 -0700
    I am a mom of 4 in West LA. I am trying to ditch the minivan. While the older kids are at school I ride with my toddler to do errands. I feel relatively safe riding in West LA (but not for kids). I want bike lanes everywhere.

    Climate change is happening. We have the ideal topography and weather for biking. We need to find solutions for climate change and biking is the way for modern cities.
  • commented 2017-09-14 10:55:12 -0700
    I commute daily from Palms to UCLA (~5 miles). I use the good bike route along Prosser all the way to Wilshire. I want people to know that safely biking to work in LA is possible if you know the routes. We can make it even safer and more accessible by designing our streets for more bike use.
  • commented 2017-08-31 15:02:41 -0700
    I Commute daily via the Ballona Creek Bike Path, The Strand, and Imperial Blvd. Bike paths and lanes as well as general advocacy are crucial to being able to safely commute to work by bike. I’m vastly healthier and happier since choosing to ride into work whenever possible.
  • commented 2017-08-31 14:12:15 -0700
    I like riding bicycles. I like not paying for gas. I don’t like almost getting run over every day. I’d like to do something about that whole not getting run over thing. I feel safety in numbers is the best option, so I want to help anyway I can get more people riding.
  • commented 2017-08-24 21:00:54 -0700
    I prefer cycling and walking to driving and have managed to avoid car commuting for 20 years now.

    Living and working on the west side, biking is the ideal mode of transport year round. I’m happy to meet most of my needs via bike and look forward to more cyclists joining every year.
  • commented 2017-08-08 09:35:08 -0700
    Every Wednesday morning, I ride from my house down to the Manhattan Beach pier. Two thirds of the ride are on bike paths, far away from traffic. I only wish there were more bike paths to explore in the city!
  • commented 2017-08-05 10:59:37 -0700
    As Senior Citizen, I need to do something everyday to stay in shape. I exercise by bicycling from Mar Vista to beach and back, ~10 miles RT, at least once or twice per week, on those days that I don’t walk the Mar Vista Hill or go swimming. On occasional Sundays, I’ll ride down to Redondo Beach via ocean bicycle path. I’m a supporter of Rails-to-Trails and have attempted short segments of a few of their paths.
  • commented 2017-07-27 17:11:04 -0700
    I commute from 9th and Gramercy to LA Technology Center where I work on Washington Boulevard and 8th Ave. I also ride Venice Boulevard to Pacific Resident Theater every Saturday. I ride to Larchmont for the farmers market and to west Hollywood to visit friends. I don’t own a car. I don’t want to own a car.

    I recently traveled to Colombia and Mexico and was amazed to see their cycling infrastructure growing more than here. During my travels, I met many Dutch and Danish travelers who described their mainstream lifestyle centered around cycling.

    I feel strongly about safe streets, vision zero as my mother was a victim of a drunk driver and she suffered for twenty years after the accident.

    I can’t understand how those living in a cold climates like Copenhagen and Amsterdam can make cycling a way of life while we have the best climate and mostly flat terrain— LA should be the most cycling friendly city in the world!

    Finally, I don’t think we’re going to get out of climate change without dramatic , mass change. Separating one’s recycling ain’t enough. People have to unite, and make sacrifices the way we did in world war II.
  • commented 2017-06-21 22:35:58 -0700
    I’ve been on three Climate Rides (2012, 2014, 2017) and loved the enthusiasm of Team LACBC on the last two rides. Following the last ride I went on a solo tour from SLO to San Diego. I have always loved LA, but my past LA biking experiences were mostly Culver City to Santa Monica/Venice and back and the marathon crash ride. From Oxnard on in my tour I felt like I was experiencing both the best and worst of LA’s (and really SoCal’s) bicycle infrastructure. I live in the Bay Area and am a proud supporter of LACBC.
  • commented 2017-06-14 19:53:33 -0700
    I fell in love with riding 9 years ago, when I wanted to complete a sprit triathlon. For the first time, we’re moving away from where I was born to take a new job. I’m relocating from SF Bayarea and I want to commute into work using a safe bike path and route. I planning to live in Marina Del Rey and work on Santa Monica BLD, West Hollywood. Only 10 miles away, this is the closes office location I’ve worked in over 25 year. Love the help!!


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