How do you #bikeLA?


Where do you ride & how often do you ride?

What makes biking in LA great?

What needs to be done to make biking LA better?

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    I ride to and from work from Glassell Park to the Miracle Mile 3 to 4 times a week, and use the bike to make short errands around NELA.
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    Now that the Metro Expo line is finished, we get this nifty bike path along the train tracks all the way to the beach! I expect to ride more because of this, thanks to Metro. Now I can ride all the way to Santa Monica and then onto the bike trail along the coast (Marvin Braude bike trail). Hopefully more people will use this newly built path and use their cars less. Less traffic = less polution and also safer for bike riders.
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    I’m a racer and a commuter and a citizen of this wonderful city. Bikes are an integral part of L.A.’s transportation future. They help us connect to our communities, encourage health and wellness, and bring unbridled joy to many. Cars will always be with us but alternate forms of transport will help make Los Angeles the best city it can be!
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    I would love to ride more, but don’t get the time to. My favorite rides are on a warm summer night, just cruising through the city, except that cars tend to go fast because there’s no traffic.
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    I commute daily by bike and love to go on rides to the beach on the weekends. Biking in LA is great because the climate is great for cycling year round. In order to make cycling in LA better, we need to have better infrastructure that encourages more people to get out of their cars and onto their bikes. I know a lot of people that would bike more often but are scared to share the road with cars.
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    I just shared how I #bikeLA you should too! Just renewed my membership in the LACBC.
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    Favorite ride is along the beach bike path.
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    I’ve biked all over the city. When I can, I’ve commuted on my bike. I love the paths along the ocean, from Redondo to Venice. I love the hills of Glendale. I love biking along the LA River !
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    Bike for recreation and fitness in Griffith Park, the River bike path, Burbank’s Chandler bike path, Stough Canyon, etc
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    When I was 12 years old I took on my bicycle and it was the first true feeling of freedom I can remember. Okay, I went a little too far, got lost, it got dark and I was scared. But I made it home and the feeling of freedom is something I’ll always association with a bicycle.
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    I live in San Bernardino, but work in DTLA. I ride to the Metrolink station and then from Union station to my workplace. I love riding DTLA, especially at night when traffic dies down. Because of this commute, I have found numerous routes and riding experiences in L.A. that are phenomenal. I rode both SF/Oakland (15 years), and Brooklyn (3 years) and feel that we are at a crucial point in continuing to develop more advocacy opportunities for safer biking policy. I wish that there was more public education campaigns for car drivers to be aware of how to properly share the road with bicyclist. It is desperately needed in both Los Angeles County and So. California. That’s why I’ve joined LACBC.
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    I mainly ride in the 818 San Fernando Valley. I can be found cycling mainly in the West Valley. I not only cycle for exercise/hobby, but as a commuter. I started cycling at the end of 2016 (after a 12 year hiatus of not owning or using a bicycle). Previously, my cycling experiences were geared towards bmx’ing (trail back jumps, going to skate parks, etc). My recent return to the cycle life is geared towards commuting, my lifestyle, and road cycling (I am not your typical stereotypical hipster fixie cyclist).

    I love cycling in LA (actually I love taking my bicycle with me where ever I travel if possible) because traffic in LA is terrible, LA public transportation is just as terrible, LA drivers are terrible (I attract terrible drivers who bang up my cars), the cycling lifestyle in LA is awesome, and there is just so much to see at the ground level around the LA area which you can not see being in your vehicle or not engaged to want to adventure and see LA life from the first POV.

    I believe in order to making cycling in LA better is to better educate and influence other people who travel/commute in LA. Drivers think we shouldn’t belong in the street and walkers hate when we even cycle on the side walks. Cyclist are moving objects so educating drivers that they must obide by the laws as much as we do being cyclist on the streets. Influence goes hand in hand with educating kids and others to cycle and get out for exercise, but how to ride safely and obide by laws. This is important and I think it will attract more people who would want to cycle to commute or for exercise.
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    I live in the O.C. so I do most of my biking there but I do come up to L.A. to ride, mostly in the mountains, dirt and road.
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    2x week I ride 26 miles round trip from Glendale Park & Ride to USC campus.

    2x week I ride a mile from home to the LADOT Commuter bus to downtown – and get off about 4 miles from USC campus to cycle the rest of the way to campus.

    1x week I mountain bike in the Verdugo mts. What nice change from city cycling!

    What makes cycling in LA great, is you can do it year round.

    To make it better, there simply needs to be more bike dedicated markings on the streets. Lanes, sharrows, & route signs.
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    Love cycling, live in Culver City, am from the Netherlands, go grew up with bicycles. Love to ride the Ballona Creek Bike Path and then North or South.In the process of discovering more paths and rides around LA.
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    Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race.
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    I’m a commuter and have been riding 28 miles round trip from Fairfax & 3rd to Pasadena about 3 times a week for 18 years. I started out on a $180 bike because I didn’t want to make a big commitment and the 1st time I rode to work it took me 2hrs. I kept that bike for about 8 years. Now I’m on my 4th bike, upgrading each time & have it down to 1 hour (every time). It’s surprisingly easy to get around in L.A. I don’t mind the traffic and of course it’s never a factor in my commute time. The way I figure it I actually pay myself for an hour of cardio with the money I save on gas in less time than it would take to go to the gym for an hour then drive to work that takes 30mins. (if there’s no traffic)…. awesome!
    People ask me,“How do you get to Pasadena from Fairfax & 3rd?” and I tell them,"On the streets that were there long before the freeway existed. By bike you see so much more of L.A. than you do by car.
    As for the streets; I have noticed a lot of improvements since Mayor Garcetti has been in office. Potholes persist and streets seem to always crumble more near the curb for some reason. I wish there was a way to create bike lanes by widening & improving the quality of the gutters when repaving.
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    My concern is cyclists who do not follow basic etiquette. For instance the other day 2 cyclists were racing up sunset, one with no helmet weaving in and out of traffic and blowing off red lights etc. it gives cyclists a bad rap. I wish I knew who they were!
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    A few years ago I was diagnosed with a disorder. Since then I have had to make many life changing and sometimes painful decisions. Due to some of the side effects of the medication I have been forced to limit my driving and use a bicycle as a means of alternative transportation. I have bicycled all my life, so thankfully the change has not been to drastic. Yet I find that riding a bicycle in L.A. has changed drastically over the years. People have become less patient and more brazen in their contempt for cyclist on the road. I for one do not believe that current safety laws are adequately enforced. The Los Angeles Police Department could do a much better job when it comes to ensuring the safety of all who use public streets by simply enforcing the laws already written.
  • commented 2016-02-15 15:29:17 -0800
    Right now! I am pissed off about the Mariposa Street Bridge no longer being accessible for bicyclists. I have lived in Burbank 20 years and I have been riding these streets for 17, even though I only learned there was a bridge after the ban, I am still pissed off I can’t ride on it if I should happen to want or need to (I still will, I will, I’ll do it) Jesus Christ, Burbank City Counsel member Gordon is my family’s—eye Doctor, he lives several blocks from my house. WTF!
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    I started going on mountain bike rides back in 2012 with my son’s High School SOCAL team. I got bit by the cycling bug pretty bad and have been riding ever since, mostly on roads now. I’m looking forward to my first Century ride (LACBC) in June. My bucket list ride is to climb Mt. Haleakala on Maui.
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    I was very happy to see that bikers, united, can effect change. The city needs safe routes so people can bike safely everywhere. As TRUST South LA put it: @trustsouthla1: “Los Angeles is moving in a new direction. We don’t want South Central to be left out.” This in regards to the Planning Commission’s decision this morning to keep Central Ave. and Westwood Blvd.’s bike lanes from being removed from the Mobility Plan 2035.
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    I ride everywhere in L.A. county from Lancaster to Long Beach. I ride almost every day for transportation or just for fun, but if you’re on a bike it’s all fun! Biking (and driving) in L.A. could be made better by fixing the #$%#^ potholes!
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    I participate in leisure rides and casual group rides. I also try to commute to work via bike when possible, and it’s mostly multi-modal during those trips.
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    Need to pay more attention to Bike, train, Bus connection to get Los Angeles moving again. Bicyclists need to think about promoting a use tax so we pay a share of road maintenance. Lastly, helmets for everybody. If we want to be thought of as a significant transportation alternative, we have to mature our political sense


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