How do you #bikeLA?


Where do you ride & how often do you ride?

What makes biking in LA great?

What needs to be done to make biking LA better?

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    I like to ride my bike.
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    I bike+bus commute to USC from Santa Monica, usually on the BBB Rapid-10 and sometimes on the Metro Expo. I serve as faculty advisor for the USC Bicycle Coalition a chapter of the LACBC

    Best thing that happened to my bike commute this year was Big Blue Bus installing 3-bike racks on most of its buses! I’m often that 3rd bike and appreciate not being left behind.
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    I used to ride quite a bit, and then kids came along! I did make an effort to include them with a bike trailer, however to my dismay, neither of them were into it as little babies. Now, they are 6 and 3, and I’ve just had a hip surgery after a running injury. So here I am, looking to gather both of my bikes (mtn and road) out of storage. I miss it! I am more out of shape than I’d like to admit, and yet I have high hopes of doing a century ride in 2016. I’m still in Physical Therapy for a summertime hip surgery I had – so I don’t want to be stupid here! Anyhow, thinking of putting some street tires on my Mtn. Bike and commuting to work, as well as getting back out on my road horse for weekend rides.
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    I ride in Sylmar, Pacoima, Balboa, Northridge, Chatsworth areas.
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    My commute is on 7th from Koreatown to Downtown. 7th street is great in general. It has bike lanes all the way to downtown LA. The only issue is that it gets interrupted by cars, constructions, movie shootings, parked cars, and pot holes so often that it doesn’t feel continuous and comfortable as it should be. Bike lanes disappears at intersections, which put me into a very narrow and awkward position between cars. Building bike lanes is important but designing good bike lanes and maintaining their quality is equally important. There are just so many poor bike lanes out there in LA.
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    -I bike 2 miles to the Grove, and put my bike on the front of the 780 bus, which takes me to Glendale.

    -Sometimes I bike home all the way and take a stretch of the amazing greenway. It’s one of the coolest things in the city.
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    I ride all over the city for fun. Biking in LA is great because you get to get to know the city better than you do when riding in a car. There need to be more bike lanes to make biking safer in LA.
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    I ride from South LA to Santa Monica for work. The expo bike path has so much promise but it seems to still need a lot of tweaking in terms of signalized crossings. Plus, can they finish it already? Yipes.
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    I joined because Eric Bruins is a dreamboat.
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    Just getting back to biking after an injury. Now I mostly bike around UCLA and anywhere it is safe to do so. Making drivers aware of bikers and making them drive more safely.
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    I was biking a lot in Pasadena, commuting everyday to teaching jobs in South Pas and over the hills to Glendale College. But I recently moved to Glendale and find it harder to bike here. Drivers are rude and bike lanes are few and far between. Would like to see things improve.
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    Serious bicycle commter, EVERYDAY. Also ride for pleasure on the weekends.
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    I am a USACycling coach with Serious Cycling in Agoura Hills & Northridge, CA! I love riding and helping others learn how to ride safely and effectively!
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    I bike almost daily doing most of errands by bike in Mar Vista and Venice. We need more safe bike lanes!
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    I Ride my bike all around in Santa Monica and Venice Beach. I go to the supermarket by bike, to the beach, restaurants and bars. Santa Monica is pretty safe for bike riding if you just avoid the main, congested boulevards, especially Willshire Blvd. Once in a week I ride my bike all the way to North Hollywood (Laurel Canyon) to the Dutch School of Southern California. People keep asking me why I don’t buy a car and must be a bit crazy, but then I think that they just don’t know what the’re missing.
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    I bike short trips from Valley Village to Studio City or NoHo Arts District… and sometimes bike to work in Burbank. Like the progress LACBC has made in making our streets safer for biking. Would like to see more of those streets which are now bike friendly connect with other bike friendly streets, bridging the gaps.
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    Ride for love of the bike & fitness.
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    Regular bicycle commuter in Paris, France. Write cycling articles for Freewheeling France and Promote walkable communities, do bicycle vacations. The open road is more seductive when we travel it on our own human energy.
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    I bike everywhere. I commute to UCLA by bike. Take my board to the beach. No carbon footprint and great exercise. Definitely the best mode of transportation around.
  • commented 2015-09-17 16:32:38 -0700
    I ride primarily in Santa Clarita. Occasionally I take my bicycle on transit and ride other parts of the county. I run errands on my bike like to the ATM, postoffice, light shopping, etc. and sometimes just for the sake of ridding.

    Biking in LA is much better than it was before the turn of the century (21st century that is :)). My best explanations are: more infrastructure such as bike lanes, signage, etc., more riders on the streets, which conditions drivers to the presence of bicycles and finally, improved support from goverment entities.

    Connectivity is the greatest single factor in making biking better. Connectivity must be safe and efficient enough to attact more riders of all ages and genders.


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