Mobility Plan 2035

Los Angeles has a new plan to make our streets safer, neighborhoods more walkable, and whole city more accessible. Adopted by the City Council in August 2015, Mobility Plan 2035 calls for a balanced approach to providing transportation options for Angelenos with improvements for people walking, biking, taking transit, and driving. The goal is to make all of these transportation modes more accessible and reliable so that everyone can make informed decisions about the best way to travel for any particular trip, while no one is left without safe options to get where they need to go.

With common-sense objectives like putting safety first and giving people options, developed through five years of public input from thousands of stakeholders, you’d think Mobility Plan 2035 would have a smooth road ahead. But, critics and skeptics have begun fear mongering to spook council members into reconsidering their supportPrognostications of smog and gridlock—ironically the exact issues the plan aims to address—are the basis of a misinformation campaign about what the plan actually does.

While the lawsuits against the plan work their way through the courts and create legislative wrinkles like a procedural re-vote, it is more important than ever for supporters like you to make your voices heard, and for myth to be separated from fact.

We’re counting on supporters like you to help us clear the air about Mobility Plan 2035 and share the plan’s many benefits. Continue to call and write your council members in support of the plan, but, more importantly, talk with your friends, family, and neighbors. Let them know about how Mobility Plan 2035 will make it easier for them to get around the city and enjoy everything that Los Angeles has to offer. Talking about transportation isn’t always easy, so we’ve made a handy fact sheet (found on our blog) to help you share what the plan actually does!

Update June 6, 2016: Mobility Plan 2035 at City Planning Commission Postponed to June 23rd

The amendments to remove bike lanes on Westwood and Central from Mobility Plan 2035 have passed the Transportation Committee and the full City Council, but there is still a chance to keep the integrity of the plan intact. The City Planning Commission (CPC) will discuss and approve or reject the amendments on Thursday, June 23rd, at 8:30 a.m. We support this further dialogue and want you to be a part of it to show the City how much the Mobility Plan 2035, with its full network intact, means to you. This will be our chance to halt the Council from taking Westwood Blvd and Central Ave out of the Mobility Plan.

Please attend the City Planning Commission meeting on Thursday, June 23rd, and tell the CPC directly that you support Mobility Plan 2035 with its network integrity intact. 

Take Action 1: Come to the meeting at on Thursday, June 23rd, 8:30 a.m., at L.A. City Hall Room (200 N. Spring Street, Downtown Los Angeles) on the 10th Floor.

Take Action 2: Send an email to CPC members! Use sample email below, write your own, or use AARP's online form!

Take Action 3: Share/tweet your support! We'll be having another Mobility Monday on June 20th. (Sample tweet: “Mobility Plan 2035 heads to Planning Commission this Thurs. Help keep the plan's integrity! #MobilityMondayLA #LA2B”)

Sample Email




Title: Let's Make Mobility Plan 2035 Better By Adding Lanes, Not Taking Them Out

Dear City Planning Commission Members,

I strongly support Mobility Plan 2035, with bike lanes on Westwood Blvd and Central Ave.

This plan takes a balanced approach to providing high quality transportation options by providing complete, functional networks for people using ALL forms of transportation. I understand that studying lanes on streets in place of Westwood Blvd. and Central Ave. are being considered. However, I think the alternative suggested routes should be added and studied in addition to Westwood Blvd. and Central Ave. According to data, there are a high number of riders and injuries in the districts where lane deletion is being considered. This Plan is about saving lives and making the City as safe, healthy, fun, and equitable as possible. Rather than taking anything out, all parties and road users win if there are additions to the plan and more examination of ways to make our streets safe.

You can't strengthen the Mobility Plan by subtraction and it would be inappropriate to piecemeal these networks, which would undermine the overall goal of the plan to provide safe, accessible, and reliable transportation for all people. Both Westwood Blvd. and Central Ave. have high numbers of people biking who deserve safe infrastructure on which to ride. Keeping these streets in the plan is a commitment to study them and engage the community about the future of these streets—and I would be happy to make that commitment to the additional proposed lanes without any lanes being taken out of the Plan. Taking them out at this time would cut off much-needed community dialogue about how to make these streets safe for everyone who uses them. I strongly support adopting the plan with all supplemental amendments but NO network removal. Success isn't subtraction. When lanes are subtracted, we all lose.

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I urge you to adopt Mobility Plan 2035 with all network intact so that we can all travel safely on the streets of L.A.


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