Bike Valet

April 23, 2014

Why Bike Valet?

LACBC Bike Valet is a way to provide your attendees with easy, convenient, and secure bike parking. Beyond that, it is a way to make your event more dynamic and attract a larger audience!

What is Bike Valet?

Events that attract a lot of people on bicycles need bike parking. Once people fill up the bike racks (if there are any), they will begin locking up to signposts, pipes, railings, trees, or other unsuitable objects. This can become quite a mess and potentially hazardous for the event attendees. That’s where we come in!

LACBC Bike Valet provides its own bike racks for your event and establishes a secure zone around the valet area to guard the bikes. Bike Valet is just like valet car parking, or coat check. You bring your bike to the Valet attendants, they take your bike, and you get a number to reclaim your bike later. It’s that easy! This makes parking your bike much less of a hassle for attendees – no need to hunt for a parking spot or lock up your bike. Attendees can also leave their lights, accessories, and bags on their bike, knowing that it won’t be messed with or stolen on the street.

Reach out to the Bike Community

LACBC Bike Valet service includes the promotion of your event to the bike community.  The growing bike community in LA consists of a diverse group that includes many creative young professionals - an audience that many brands seek to reach. Every night of the week in LA there are group bike rides that attract hundreds and even thousands of people - we will work with you to harness this energy and dynamism for your event. As active members of the bike scene, we know what appeals to these folks and how to get them moving!

Every Bike Valet event is promoted to LACBC members through our weekly email blasts. In addition, we promote Bike Valet events through social media such as Facebook and Twitter. If your event is the right fit, we will even help organize a ride to your event using popular group ride websites. Consider hosting a "Bike Night" at your venue or institution to expose a new crowd to your brand!

Make your event more sustainable

These days everyone is looking for ways to make their event more green. Not only does Bike Valet encourage people to travel to your event via bike, but LACBC Bike Valet is a completely sustainable event solution - we do everything with bikes! We transport or bike racks on bike trailers, not trucks. When we built our new, light, aluminum bike racks, we even transported the aluminum tubes from a metal supplier in the Valley all the way back to downtown LA on bike trailers. This makes our Bike Valet cheaper to run and more green (not to mention more fun for us)!

How much does it cost?

The price will depend on the size and location of your event. Special rates are available for non-profit and community events.

How can I help?

We are always looking for more Bike Valet Volunteers. Volunteers help out with parking bikes and reuniting patrons with their bikes. It is great fun!

Contact for more information.