Ride Lankershim

November 2, 2012

Ride Lankershim is a LACBC Valley Bike Ambassador campaign designed to educate and inform North Hollywood, Studio City, Toluca Lake, Valley Village and others about a proposed bike lane on Lankershim Boulevard and Cahuenga Boulevard.  This proposed project is part of the 2010 Bicycle Master Plan and is meant to connect to a larger network of bicycle paths, lanes, and routes for everyone to use.  This particular project may require the removal of a travel lane or a parking lane to accommodate for these enhancements.  

The addition of bike lanes on Lankershim will accent the people-oriented district this community has become and will ultimately make the area a more vibrant and livable community.  Having bike lanes on Cahuenga will also address a gap in connectivity between the Valley and Hollywood communities.  


The benefits of this proposed improvement project goes beyond the direct benefit to the bicyclist.  

Safety  |  Safety for pedestrians, drivers, and pedestrians is our biggest concern and we hope to improve the quality of life for everyone with bike lanes on Lankershim and Cahuenga. With the presence of bicyclists, drivers are more aware of their surroundings.  In addition, having fewer travel lanes for vehicles allow for pedestrians to cross the street more safely.  This will also result in traffic-calming on a street that is used as a major north/south cut-through, congesting the neighborhood and making it less desirable to recreate.  

Community  |  Lankershim Boulevard has quickly become the backbone for greater North Hollywood area.  It is home to many happening businesses, community events, diverse housing options, and a major hub for transportation.  These elements of the neighborhood create an ideal environment for bicycling. 50% of all trips in Los Angeles County are under 3 miles, trips that can easily be done by bicycle on the flat streets of the Valley.  Decreasing congestion and improving air quality while promoting active living also comes with the installation of bike lanes.

Economy  |  There are studies showing robust economic activity as bicycle amenities are introduced into a neighborhood.  New York is seeing a boost in revenues for businesses along side new bicycle lanes.  Merchants in San Francisco say new bike lanes have improved business and supported traffic calming.  There are also Business Improvement Districts in Long Beach and San Diego that are pursuing Bicycle-Friendly districts to alleviate parking problems and traffic congestion.  


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