Election Info, Ballot Recommendations, & Candidate Responses

Vote.jpgWant to #BikeTheVote for the November 8th election? LACBC is your source for election information and candidate positions on biking and walking. You can #BikeTheVote by:

  1. Registering to vote. registertovote.ca.gov.
  2. Educating yourself about the candidates and items on the ballot. As a 501(c)3, we cannot endorse candidates, but we will provide resources for you through the election season including candidate surveys and information about candidate forums where you can learn more about where candidates stand on important bike and livability issues. Check back here for updates.
  3. Spreading the word and getting your friends to vote.
  4. Knowing your voting rights! Your employer is required by law to give you time off to vote. You can vote if your name isn’t on the list using a provisional ballot. You can vote after polls close, as long as you’re in line. You can change your vote if you make a mistake — just ask for a new ballot. You can take your vote-by-mail ballot to any polling location (and you can trade it for a new one if you make a mistake on it).
  5. Voting on Tuesday, November 8th! Find your polling location, and make sure you bike the vote. Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

November 8th Measures

LACBC has taken the following positions on these measures:

  • YES on Measure M (Los Angeles County Traffic Improvement Plan) - LACBC supports Measure M because it'll make LA County more bikeable, livable and connected through dedicated active transportation money.
  • YES on Measure A (Parks for All) - LACBC supports Measure A because it will bring safe, clean neighborhood parks and green spaces for people to play and ride throughout L.A. County.
  • YES on Proposition HHH (Help House the Homeless - Los Angeles) - LACBC supports Proposition HHH because we work hard to protect all people who ride, including those without homes.
  • YES on Proposition JJJ (Build Better LA - Los Angeles) - LACBC supports Proposition JJJ because we want affordable housing built by the local workers who already, live, play in ride in our communities.
  • NO on Measure LV (Land Use Voter Empowerment Initiative - Santa Monica) - LACBC opposes Measure LV because we support sustainable development and affordable housing.

November 8th Election Candidate Surveys

L.A. County Board of Supervisors' Fourth District Run Off

L.A. County Board of Supervisors' Fifth District Candidates Run Off (surveys conducted with Bike SGV)

  • Kathryn Barger
  • Darrell Park

If you are a candidate who has not completed a survey or you have a question, contact hyeran@la-bike.org.


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