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LACBC Family: Talking about the Holiday Ride with Walk Bike Glendale’s Steven Nancarrow

Walk Bike Glendale‘s Holiday Bike Ride is nearing, and LACBC Family is excited to be a part of it! Not only will this be a great ride for families, but also a chance for those who are unfamiliar to explore Glendale.

Steven Nancarrow is the father of two and is also the Chair of Walk Bike Glendale. While his newborn, Richie, will soon be riding along on two wheels, his three-year old daughter, Holly, is already well acclimated to sitting on dad’s handlebar.

We talk with Steven about cycling through Glendale, life as a dad and the upcoming Holiday Bike Ride on Sunday, December 18th.

Glendale is L.A. County’s third largest city. How exactly would you describe Glendale?

Although it is one of the larger cities in Los Angeles, Glendale has a great community feel. There are many parks and recreational areas, where you can see familiar faces every day. The downtown area and shopping opportunities are unparalleled. From small mom-and-pop businesses to larger chain stores, there is something for everyone. The restaurants in Glendale are very diverse. You can get food from just about any culture, just by traveling a short distance away. The best part is that you can easily walk or bike a short distance to get to any of these destinations.

What are some of the good things about cycling in Glendale?

Glendale has a lot of accessibility to great cycling locations. The L.A. River path, Griffith Park and other classic cycling routes are local and easy to get to. The streets themselves are very well-maintained and low-traffic in many areas. Bike lanes are beginning to pop up around town. Glendale has a reputation for not having safe streets, but Walk Bike Glendale is helping to educate cyclists and drivers on bicycle safety. I personally take my 3-year-old daughter on bike rides throughout Glendale almost every weekend.

Holly was destined to ride bikes.

Do you think people will look at Glendale in a new way after next year’s CicLAvia?

CicLAvia introduced me to my love of city riding. I want Glendale residents to share that same love. CicLAvia can help to show them how small and accessible their city is by foot and by bike. CicLAvia will also show them how easy it is to get to other areas of Los Angeles such as Atwater Village.

What’s the history behind the Holiday Ride?

This will be the 6th Annual Holiday Ride. Each year we go to the Rossmoyne Historic District, which is an area with lots of great holiday lights. This is one of our more popular rides and we always get a good turnout.

Steven and Holly riding through the Great Streets Lankershim Pop-Up Bike Lane.

What are some of the sites we’ll be seeing?

The Rossmoyne Historic District has a lot of historic homes, and the residents like to go all out when decorating for the holidays. The bikes themselves are a sight to see. Many people like to dress up their bikes with lights and other holiday decorations. We always have at least one or two Santas on our ride.

Why is this a good ride for families?

Hot cocoa! Holiday lights! Bikes! All a good recipe for family fun. The ride stays slow for the many kids who attend the ride. However, for attendees without kids, there is a faster group that goes ahead. It really is a festive ride for all ages.

For more information and to sign up for the Holiday Family Ride on Sunday, December 18th, RSVP here.

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