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Tips for Making Fundraising Fun!
You have challenged yourself with the LA Rivers Challenge, now continue the fun and challenge your friends to support you and join you!!

How People Can Support You Before and During the Challenge:

IMPORTANT:  Give them your LA Rivers Challenge/Fundraising Page Link!!!


  • Help out your Supporters:  Suggest the dollar amounts that you are looking for.  I am raising (Your $$ Goal) and would love your support and help!! 

  • Tell them to support you at $1 per mile and tell them the total, or $2 per mile for the 30 days in June OR a lump sum like $100.

  • They will appreciate you giving them direction and being a part of you making your fundraising goal, and will ultimately donate what they feel comfortable doing, they may surprise you and donate more than you asked for too!    

  • Ask them to share your posts about the Challenge with their friends. 

  • Remember that your friends, family and colleagues can continue to support you through the end of June, SO continue to tell people and inspire them through your actions, passion and accomplishments.  You are doing something great for yourself and for LA!

Tell Everyone:  Let your friends and family know that you are doing the LA Rivers Challenge, tell them WHY and your goals and ask them for support!  You will be surprised how many people will be excited for you, will support you and might even want to join you by signing up too! 


People want to help out.  The LA Rivers Challenge is good for you and good for LA! 


How to Get Your Family, Friends and Colleagues Involved:

Reach Out To Them….

  • Call them or tell them in Person or Text them or DM them or Voice Text them.  It’s always great to share your enthusiasm! People love to hear from you personally and your excitement will be motivating. 

  • Post on all of your Social Media.  Be direct, ask for support and donations. Tell people what you want them to do.  Remember to put in your link to your LARC page.

  • Write your friends, family and colleagues an email with your Challenge story.  Include a photo so they can see you!

HOW to FIND and USE your personal LARC Challenge Fundraising Page

  • To FIND your direct link to your page go to your initial sign up confirmation email that you received from LACBC.

  • OR Go to and log in to your account by clicking on the link “Log In” on the top right hand corner of the home page. (Use your password that you signed up for the challenge with OR log in with Facebook.)

  • Go to your LARC Challenge/Fundraising page to find your link and copy and paste it to give to everyone.

  • Go to your LARC Page, LOG IN (upper right hand corner) and then click on the dashboard to manage your page AND to link messages directly to your social media and email!! It’s that EASY! The website will link to your Facebook, Twitter and make an email for you.

  • Work for a company with matching donations??  Reach out and see if they will match your fundraising!!  

  • Post this to all your co-workers.  They will support you as you support them!

  • Don’t be shy, remember that everyone has so much going on in our lives.  Follow up and ask personally for support.  People WANT to support you, they just may have put your email aside to do later, or forgotten to go back to your post and click on the link.  Give everyone a chance to support you!! 

  • Challenge your friends to join you and to out fundraise you.  A little competition is always fun.

  • Tip:  Start early to gain momentum.  You may have to ask a person 2-3 times so start early.  Supporters can continue to donate through June too!


Ideas for Why You are Doing the Challenge:   

Make it personal.  People love to hear WHY you are doing this Challenge and supporting BikeLA and healthy, sustainable, and equitable streets.   Whatever your personal and/or team goals are, share them!   Everyone wants a chance to cheer you on, to help you attain your goals and to share in the excitement and positivity of your Challenge journey!! 


  • I will bike/walk/run every day in June for my health and to reach my mileage goals and support healthy, sustainable and equitable streets.   

  • I am excited to ride 100 miles in one day!! It’s a huge challenge and I’ve never done that before!

  • I am on a mission to run a marathon and will be doing training miles in June and will build up to my 26.2 mile run at the end of June.

  • My family and I love to get out and bike and explore, we are going to do our mileage as a team and bike on pieces of the Rivers in the LA Basin.

  • I am going to ride off my COVID 20 and will be biking my pounds away while exploring the LA Rivers Routes.

  • I love LA and haven’t ridden all the historic waterways yet, want to join me??

  • I am going to walk 3.4 miles a day in June to make 102 miles, doubling the 51 mile challenge!!

  • I am going to hike 51 miles in June, for my health and to support healthy, sustainable and equitable streets!!

  • Our LARC team will be riding the 639.55 miles Confluence Challenge!!  All 10 of us will ride 64 miles in June.  It’s great to get out and have a big challenge.  


Remember To:

  • Put a link to your LARC Fundraising page in all of your Social Media bios and in your and all of your posts.  Add photos of you training for your Challenge.

  • Add the Challenge and your LARC Link into your Email signature line.

  • Thank your supporters/donors publicly on Social Media and in person or send them a note as soon as they support you.  They deserve the thanks and it will motivate/remind others to help you too.

  • Post your success and accomplishments and photos on your Social Media to have your fans cheer you on and track your progress!

  • Record your mileage on your LARC page so that your supports can track you!

  • Go to to find the LARC logo and photos and graphics for you to use!

  • HAVE FUN!!!!  It’s fun to share your passion and challenge goals and get support and feedback!!

  • Be adventurous - Take a short video of yourself and post it on your social media. 


Use Our Cool Videos:

Use the videos that we have produced to share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and let your friends and followers know about the LA Rivers Challenge.  Here are some links:

Promo for the LA Rivers Challenge

Take the Challenge


Actress Sharon Lawrence Takes the Challenge


“The Bachelor” Pilot Pete Takes the Challenge

KTLA's Frank Buckley Takes the Challenge

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