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Looking for an easy way to support BikeLA on an ongoing basis?

GIVE monthly, HELP daily!

Become a Giving Gear by making a monthly gift to BikeLA. This secure, flexible giving program sustains BikeLA by providing a steady stream of funding to improve the quality of life for everyone in Los Angeles by advocating for a safe, equitable, and joyous region to bicycle. 

PERKS of Joining the Giving Gears

It’s easy on the budget - you can make smaller, more manageable monthly gifts that make a huge impact when added up. Start where you can and watch your impact grow throughout the year! Your donations are fully tax-deductible.

It’s convenient, plus you’re in control - Your donation occurs automatically each month and is put to work immediately. You can change the amount, suspend, or cancel at any time.

Make an impact all year long -  Giving Gears make a difference every day, all year long. 100% of the money raised goes directly toward supporting our mission and making Los Angeles County a more bikeable region for ALL!

Donations add up quickly, over a year…
$10 a month becomes $120 annually
$25 a month becomes $300 annually
$50 a month becomes $600 annually
$100 a month becomes $1,200 annually
$200 a month becomes $2,400 annually

BikeLA engages in a wide variety of policy, advocacy, education, and community building initiatives throughout Los Angeles County to ensure everyone - walkers, transit users, bicyclists, and drivers - can get where they need to go safely and with ease.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact Genevieve Cerda, Senior Development Manager, at 562.395.4119 or via email.

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