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Safety Action Plan

BikeLA calls for a multi-layered approach to safety that includes safe streets, safe users, and safe equipment.

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Key Action Steps

Action #1: Create a countywide speed reduction strategy that pairs speed limit changes with design modifications and employs new technology to equitably enforce speed limits.

Action #2: Embrace road diets and lane conversion strategies on more corridors in LA County, leveraging their high value and rapid implementation timeline.

Action #3: Develop enhanced design standards for bike infrastructure and consider safer alternatives to traditional bike lanes.

Action #4: Improve visibility conditions on roadways by properly maintaining street lighting, lane markings, and signage.

Action #5: Build on past cycling safety education and public engagement efforts, with extra focus on youth, minority communities, and riders with disabilities.

Action #6: Reinforce safety with improved vehicles and equipment, focusing on increasing visibility and reducing the potential for serious injury.

Action #7: Review all transportation policies and expenditures with a focus on equity and regional inclusivity.

Help Make This Vision A Reality

Support ongoing research and advocacy for safe roads.

Help enact change in your neighborhood

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