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Learn more about the work LACBC is doing around LA County

LACBC engages in a wide variety of policy, advocacy, education, and community building work to make the streets of Los Angeles County more bike-friendly for all who ride a bike and all who want to ride a bike. Many of our campaigns are led by volunteers, and we invite you to get involved!

Small businesses needed more support than ever as a result of the COVID pandemic and as a way to help, LACBC teamed up with Sunset4All to launch the first #BikesMeanBusiness promotion, encouraging our community to patronize specific businesses along the Sunset Blvd. From there, the program has continued to grow countywide and will continue to encourage bicyclists and pedestrians to help their keep their local small businesses around by directing their spending.

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LACBC's informational materials and class schedules

Education is a core tenant of LACBC’s mission. It’s our goal to educate as many people as possible about riding a bicycle in LA County. We do so through a variety of channels.


Bike culture begins with access to a bike. To make sure the residents of the LA region had access to bikes during the COVID pandemic, LACBC joined the nationwide Bike Match movement. In addition to almost 100 one-to-one matches, the #LACountyBikeMatch program has given away more than 35 bikes as a part of our one-to-many match in partnership with local CBOs.

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