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LACBC Bikes, Buses, and Walks to Environmental Night at Dodger Stadium

LACBC returned for its yearly pilgrimage to Dodger Stadium for Climate Resolve‘s Environmental Night at Dodger Stadium last night.

While baseball is the main attraction, getting to the game car-free adds to the experience taking away the stress of being stuck in traffic.

To showcase our three-mile trip, we put together a photo journal to show how easy and fun it is to get to the stadium by a variety of means.

Our Communications and Volunteer Coordinator, Zachary Rynew, started off biking to the game before meeting his wife.

The team met up at Guisados on Sunset Blvd by either biking or taking Metro’s #4 bus from our Downtown L.A. offices to fill up on a variety of tacos.

After eating, part of the team decided to walk our way up Vin Scully Avenue and into the stadium. Not only is it faster to get to your seat, but we didn’t have to pay the $20 it costs to park a car.

One of our super volunteers, Dale Zapata, led the way up Sunset Blvd in the bus/bike lane as drivers inched along. We were hoping to run into Dodgers Bench Coach Bob Geren, who also bikes to work, but he probably got to Dodger Stadium a little earlier than us.

The Dodger Stadium Express bus from Union Station (as well as the South Bay) also gets priority for getting into the stadium, which was an option some of our team members utilized.

There are a few designated spots around the stadium to lock up your bike. Most of them are very well marked. Check out this map for where the racks are located.

As you could see, we weren’t the only ones taking advantage of the bike racks as our Policy and Outreach Coordinator, Hyeran Lee, locks up.

It was Howie Kendrick Bobblehead Night. Not only did Howie homer in the game, but the Dodgers beat the Phillies 9-3! #ThisIsHowieKendrick (Sung to the tune of the Montell Jordan classic “This Is How We Do It,” FYI.)

LACBC had a great time together as always and represented with Dodger Blue. The only thing that would make us happier would be a World Series win this October!

Special thanks to Dale Zapata for letting us use some of his photos.

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