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Meet Team LACBC’s Julie Hale as She Begins Climate Ride Pacific Northwest

This past May, Team LACBC fielded a large group of riders for Climate Ride California, but that’s not the only ride Team LACBC members are doing to raise money and awareness for LACBC and other environmental causes. This past June, Harvey and Ricky did their own independent Climate Ride challenge in the California Woof Ride, and now Julie Hale begins Climate Ride Pacific Northwest today! We asked Julie a few questions to learn more about why she’s riding and why she’s representing LACBC.

Tell us about yourself.

I’ve lived in La Canada since 1998, though I moved to California from the east coast in 1990 when I was in San Francisco for two years and then in Monrovia for six. In between then I was temporary New Yorker. I’m a mom of three amazing girls and am married to a surfing banker. I played three varsity sports in college. I have also worked as a physical assistant at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles in pediatric Orthopedics since 1992.

Why are you doing Climate Ride and supporting LACBC?

I am passionate about the environment in terms of enjoying it: hiking, skiing and now cycling.  I feel moved to do something about trying to preserve it for future generations. Since living in L.A., I have noticed changes. They are happening slowly, but they are happening and I want to be part of the change. I would love to see more safe streets and bike lanes. Most people I speak with would like to get on their bikes but are afraid of getting hit by a car, etc. I would love to bike to work, but am terrified.

How did you get into cycling and outdoor recreation?

Took up cycling as a sport two months prior to doing Climate Ride California 2013 (before that biking was my transportation for a summer in Maine back in college and teenage years of course). I was very scared to get back on a bike after several collisions in my younger days when I was hit by cars twice. I had very bad concussion, and 2 other incidents—one in which I lost my front teeth. But, I took the challenge back in 2013, following in the footsteps of my childhood friend and soccer teammate Katrina Sorenson Peterson. She was working for 1% for the Planet and had participated the Climate Ride California 2012.

I am doing Climate Ride Pacific Northwest with Katrina, as well as my friend Gretchen, whom I met while doing a backpacking NOLS course in Wyoming two years ago. Gretchen and I have climbed Mt. Whitney and Baldy together, as well as completed a four-day backpacking trip in the high Sierras of Yosemite last summer. I have been a lifetime member of the Appalachian Mountain Club (East coast) and spent four summers working at one of their full facility camps. I spent my childhood in New Hampshire skiing hiking, swimming, camping, and vacationing in the great outdoors.

Thanks to Julie for representing Team LACBC on Climate Ride Pacific Northwest. You can support LACBC and environmental causes by donating to Julie’s ride today.

To learn more about joining Team LACBC on Climate Ride, visit our Climate Ride page, or email

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