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Support a Safe & Accessible Westwood Blvd: Sign the Petition Today!

2. Call 213-473-7005 or send a email to Councilmember Koretz to support bike lanes on Westwood!

3. Spread the word out! Share this petition with your friends via facebook, twitter, and email!


Sample email:

Dear Honorable Councilman Koretz:

As a (resident of CD5), I am distressed by your recommendation to remove bike lanes on Westwood Blvd from the Mobility Plan 2035.  At a time when the City of Los Angeles is working to become more walkable and bikeable, we need more safe bike lanes connecting popular destinations like Westwood Village and UCLA to neighboring communities–not fewer. According to the L.A. Department of Transportation (LADOT), along this half mile stretch, more than 8 times as many collisions occur between vehicles and bicyclists than similar streets in Los Angeles. Without proper accommodation for bicyclists, Westwood will continue to fail the thousands of students and faculty who ride to the campus every day, as well as the countless more who will come when the Expo Line opens next year. Not to mention anyone wishing to visit the area’s shops and restaurants by any means other than motor vehicles.

According to LADOT and transportation consultants Ryan Snyder Associates, there is funding to install bike lanes along Westwood Boulevard and space to do so without removing any traffic lanes or parking. The campus community, Westwood Village business owners, UCLA Hospital, and residents have come out to countless public meetings and hearings to speak in favor of bike lanes. Please don’t let a persistent, vocal minority block the safety improvements Westwood so desperately needs.

(Personalize here)

Please keep Westwood Blvd in the Mobility Plan 2035. I urge you to begin engineering study of buffered or protected bike lane options for Westwood Blvd between Wellworth and Le Conte. UCLA Transportation just installed bike lanes on Westwood Blvd to the campus border at Le Conte. It is now up to the City to do its part and extend these lanes through the Village and eventually connect to the new Expo Line station south of Pico.


(Your name)

(Your address)


For more information, please email or call 213-629-2142 x 120

If you want to volunteer for the campaign, please sign up here

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