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Climate Ride Profile: Angela DeVore

Getting to participate in your first Climate Ride is special no matter how you get there.

Next week, Angela DeVore will join Team LACBC as they depart for five days of riding in the San Juan Islands and Olympic Peninsula! And this ride is a special one because of how much work Angela put in to get here. I caught up with Angela earlier this week in Griffith Park to talk about Climate Ride, her favorite places to ride, and James Dean.

From One Climate Ride to the Next

Angela was signed up for the California Central Coast Climate Ride in June, but injured her elbow in spring. The team encouraged her to set her sights on the Pacific Northwest Ride instead, and she decided she’d figure out a way to be fully rehabbed by August. The thought of missing the opportunity to ride in the Pacific Northwest with Team LACBC was too great to miss.

Angela has always ridden bikes for recreation, but her interest became serious about ten years ago when she decided to start training for a triathlon. Cycling quickly became Angela’s favorite sport of the trio.

Riding a bike complements her background in set and theme park design, as she’s someone to whom California’s diverse landscape serves as an inspiration.

Ain’t no mountain high enough.

Queen of the Mountain

Angela loves the many challenging climbs in Malibu and the Santa Monica Mountains, including Latigo, Piuma and Mullholland.

In fact, she loves climbing so much that she’s covered many of the state’s greatest rides, venturing into the Sierras, Northern California, San Diego and the San Gabriel Mountains.

Of course when she got offered an adventure through Italy’s Dolomites to test ride the Liv / Giant Langma for her first ride review for Road Bike Action Magazine, she couldn’t say no. Check out her piece, going live in September!

Taking in this year’s Giro Rosa.

Squad Goals

It was clear from talking to Angela that the other thing she loves most about cycling is the camaraderie.

Los Angeles has a great women’s cycling scene, and Angela has made tons of new friends riding with groups and friends – having fun and pushing each other at the same time. Through these rides, Angela became close friends with LACBC Board Member Nora Hipolito.

Nora has done a number of Climate Rides, and when this year’s event came onto the schedule, she (easily) convinced Angela to join the ride. She joined Team LACBC for the camaraderie, but also to raise money for two organizations who she really supports. (Angela still needs to hit her fundraising goal: please click here to support her, LACBC, and planet earth.)

Angela’s currently moving into a new career of real estate investment, and focusing on working with buildings to become LEED certified.

As for Climate Ride Pacific Northwest, she won’t have to go it alone as teammates Alek Bartrosouf, Alex Calleros, Izzy Coutin, and Greg and Tish Laemmle will also be along for the ride.

Follow Team LACBC on Facebook and Twitter as we’ll be sharing their progress from August 3 – 7!

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