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Elevating Inspiring Voices in Bicycling

This week we are elevating inspiring voices from across the cycling community committed to people-centered streets on both the national and local stage. The LACBC team is motivated by the courage and honesty of the 14 Stories from Black people who love bikes curated by Tamika Butler, who served as the guest editor of this month’s issue of @BicyclingMag as well as the pragmatic idealism of the group of local residents and business owners in Mid-City who came together to form Destination: Pico which grew out of the Mayor’s Great Streets Initiative with the support of LACBC back in 2016.

The deadline for ATP Cycle 5 project submissions is coming up soon and LACBC has received numerous requests to support projects all over LA County. With requests coming in from Covina, Canoga Park, Paramount, and many other cities and neighborhoods, we are excited that there will be lots of opportunities to improve active transportation all over the region. We look forward to keeping you updated on these projects and how they progress over time.

Thanks for tuning in this week to the various educational opportunities!

Metro Best Class Update: LACBC’s Bicycling 101 class last Saturday had over 50 attendees! It’s always inspiring to see so many people excited about biking. Kellie Morris and Brenda Yancor had fun answering questions and helping people get back into cycling.

Thank you for following the conversation on Twitter with our partners in the San Gabriel Valley! The posts that were generated from our discussion reached close to 100,000 users and generated more than 450,000 impressions within the hour. We covered topics ranging from improved agency and community collaboration to how more can be done to protect community members during the ongoing health crisis. Follow us on Twitter to stay abreast of future conversations!

Our very own Eli Akira Kaufman issued several calls to action during his remarks at the BTMO Commuters of Burbank Meeting. He spoke about what you can do to help people during the pandemic and shared how LACBC is rising to the challenge. He shared updates on the Bike Match Program – an opportunity to contribute to a virtuous cycle by donating your bike to essential workers in need and highlighted the affordability of biking as well as the important public health benefits. Finally he encouraged folks to join Walk Bike Burbank, the local chapter of LACBC.

This week’s Family Fun Ride is on the Westside: Unprotected Bike Lane – Bluff Creek DriveThis flat 3.5 mile ride is meant for people who want more experience riding in an unprotected bike lane. This ride has the Playa Vista Library as a starting point, heads South to Bluff Creek Drive then heads Northeast alongside the base of the Westchester Bluffs, before meandering Southwest through blocks of business headquarters. When scouted on a Wednesday afternoon, this route had light traffic, probably due to a lot of people working from home that would otherwise be coming in and out of the business park. This route is quick, but provides an opportunity to ride in a bike lane adjacent to a door zone and practice making left turns. This ride ends at Ballona Creek Discovery Park, where a number of interpretive signs and displays provide a great opportunity to relax and learn. For the full catalog of routes, make sure to visit the Summer Family Friendly Rides page on our site.

Congratulations to the first place winners of the LA2050 Grants Challenge in the LEARN category (Pediatric Therapy Network), the CREATE category (Las Fotos Project), the PLAY category (City of LA Department of Rec and Parks Mobile Recreation Program), the CONNECT category (Ready to Succeed: Creating Connection & Community for Youth in Foster Care) and the LIVE category (Clinica Msr. Romero Telehealth for Medically Underserved LA Neighborhoods).

#BikesMeanBusiness expands this week to West Hollywood! Grab some grub at Astro Burger this Saturday! Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, Astro Burger’s has some tasty things on the menu. Make sure you let them know #BikesMeanBusiness and that the Weho Bike Coalition and LACBC sent you!

Sat Covid Hours: 8am-10pm 7475 Santa Monica Blvd

Finally, let’s circle back to our theme this week of uplifting inspiring voices. One of the featured contributors from the special issue of Bicycling Magazine was our local friend and partner, Adé Neff, founder and director of Ride On! Bicycle Shop/Co-Op. He also happens to be our featured video this week and shares with us his thoughts on bicycling in the LA area!

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