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The Freedom to Move Freely without Fearing for you Life

Dijon Kizzee Matters

We learned the name of another victim of street violence, Dijon Kizzee was shot to death by Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies after being stopped on a bicycle for a traffic violation – New video shows fatal police shooting of Black man in LA. — The Associated Press.

The violence in our streets must be addressed. Police violence, vehicular violence, or violence caused by bad infrastructure must be named for what it is – unacceptable.

Clearly safety in our streets has always been about more than the built environment which is a manifestation of our values. Safety is defined by who and what we think matters. Please take a moment to email us at so we can hear what matters most for your safety on our streets.

Remembering John Lewis: Intersections of Street Infrastructure and the Infrastructure of Oppression

“Imagine the courage of two people, [Lewis and Bernard Lafayette] Malia’s age—younger than my oldest daughter. On their own, to challenge an entire infrastructure of oppression,” Obama said. “John was only 20 years old. But he pushed all 20 of those years to the center of the table, betting everything, all of it, that his example could challenge centuries of convention and generations of brutal violence and countless daily indignities suffered by African Americans.” – Obama Eulogizes John Lewis: He Challenged “An Entire Infrastructure Of Oppression”

The streets we advocate for must, by design, have the courage to dismantle the “entire infrastructure of oppression” so that we may be free to move freely by bicycle no matter who, where, or when we are riding.

Resources To Stay Informed and Inspired

  1. L.A. City Bikeway Mileage Increased in Fiscal Year 2019-20, but Network Still Lacking – StreetsBlog

  2. Back-to-School Issue: Get on the Bike Train – L.A. Parent (page 22)

  3. Metrolink: Kids Ride Free on Weekends;

  4. Our friends at Metrolink, who we’re partnering with for Bike-to-Work/Carfree Day on September 22nd, have rolled out some exciting options for folks who are looking to get away this long weekend. For the foreseeable future, kids ride free on weekends. Use this opportunity to grab a pass and take advantage of the bike cars on Metrolink trains to explore new socially “physically” distanced destinations. For those who are still commuting to work, Metrolink has also introduced a 5-day flex pass. This pass allows riders up to five (5) round trip rides within 30 days of purchase. This added flexibility is to allow people who may still need to commute but on a less regular schedule than in the past and will save you 10% over the price of five separate tickets.

  5. Finally, here is the latest installment of Walk ‘n Roller’s safety video series – Safe Travels – 4 Ways, Always

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