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Where we go from here

As we take into account how systemic racism makes our streets unsafe for Black and Brown people, we invite you to take the time to read some of the following articles to help guide where we go from here to support a more just and equitable streetscape for everyone:

We also wanted to draw your attention to The League of American Bicyclists invitation to apply to join their Board of Directors and how this national organization is seeking to diversify the composition of its Board leadership:

And we want to share the good news: Lime just launched Lime Action to mobilize Lime riders to join organizations to support safer streets, cleaner air, and social justice.

As a reminder, you can also support LACBC by becoming a Lime Hero.

This week, LACBC joined our partners from ACT-LA and nearly 40 organizations across the county to support the motion put forth by LA City Councilmember Mike Bonin to the Metro Board. The motion will create a Transit Public Safety Advisory Committee, which will include participants of Metro’s ad hoc Community Safety and Security Work Group, of which LACBC is a member. The Advisory Committee will be charged with developing a community-based approach to safety on transit and begin a process to shift resources away from armed law enforcement response towards alternatives such as transit ambassadors, outreach and services for unhoused individuals, expansion of fare discount programs, and support for street vending on transit plazas. You can read more about this important motion here and here.

Additionally, LACBC has joined coalitions from around the country in encouraging our local Congressional Representatives to support the Bike Benefits Act, which will make commuter benefits available to cyclists. Locally, we continue to be a partner to SLATE-Z in pushing back against the continued delays to the Slauson Corridor Rail-to-River project, which will provide an important biking connection between the LA River and the Metro A-Line (formerly Blue Line).

Meanwhile, as we continue to work to ensure that LACBC’s Commitment to Equity is realized everywhere in our policy, advocacy and outreach efforts, we want to hear from you about the types of rides that will support your health and wellbeing.

  1. Please take a moment to fill out our Family Friendly Ride Survey Here.

Finally, we were able to catch up with Colin Bogart, our former Director of Education for a ride through Pasadena and have a conversation about his decades of commitment to making Los Angeles a more livable region via bicycling.

We hope everyone remains safe and healthy.

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