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Action Alert: Save Venice Great Streets


On Wednesday, February 27, the LA City Transportation Committee voted to deny an appeal aiming to reverse the Venice Great Streets project. Since these improvements have been implemented, no fatalities or serious injuries have occurred within the first year of data collection. This recommendation will now be forwarded to a full Council vote that will make these improvements permanent.

This item is moving to full council on Tuesday, March 5 at 10AM. Please show up to LA City Hall or email the City asking them to turn down this appeal in order to preserve the Venice Great Streets project:

SUBJECT: RE: Council File 19-0092

Dear Councilmember Bonin,

I am a community member who (lives/bikes/walks/drives/shops) on Venice Blvd, and I am writing to support making the Mar Vista street safety improvements permanent and ask the committee to deny the CEQA appeal.

The Great Streets improvements have made Venice Blvd. a more vibrant corridor by increasing walking, biking, and scooting by 11%. At the same time, it has significantly increased the number of new storefronts and added $3 million in business revenue to the sector. Most importantly, Venice Blvd. is undeniably safer: no fatalities or serious injuries have occurred in its first year of implementation.

Traffic violence is the number one killer of children aged 14 and younger in America. In 2017 alone, 270 people died walking and biking in the streets of Los Angeles. This is part of why I’m working with an active community of neighbors pushing to make our streets safer.

Thank you for supporting this project and denying the CEQA appeal. The new Venice Blvd. increases our safety, decreases our environmental impacts, and makes my neighborhood easier to travel and a more people-centered place.

Your neighbor,



Relevant Affiliations (Neighborhood Council, business owner, PTA member, etc.)

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