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Behind the 2017 LACBC Kit with superdomestik

súperdomestik’s superpacer kit and the LACBC 2017 Jersey

Los Angeles contains an exciting and vibrant cycling scene and LACBC was looking to capture that essence that with our 2017 Cycling Kit Collection.

We paired with local designer súperdomestik, whose work has widely been featured in Bicycling Magazine, the Radavist and a number of other publications. It was also important to have our kits manufactured in California, so we partnered with Voler to produce our clothing out of their home in Grover Beach.

We spoke with Kjeld Clark of the súperdomestik collective about his experience as a designer and how the LACBC kits came to be.

The Guns of Brixton was the first kit that started it all.

How did you get into designing cycling clothing?

Kjeld: súperdomestik started in July of 2012 when I wanted to create an homage to his Brixton Cycles (London) race team kit, aptly named ‘The Guns of Brixton.’ We simply wanted to create kits that were not generic in design and that we would be proud to wear ourselves.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

In most cases less is better, but in order to differentiate yourself you have to push it a bit sometimes. For instance some may see the the Dark Code kits we design as complicated or even messy, but to get them looking like that it takes a lot of thought and reduction. Ultimately we don’t want to create anything that is based on a prevalent trend. We want something that looks good from the moment you put it on and will carry on looking good years after you’ve bought it.

What are some of your design influences?

There are many people that inspire us from all fields, whether they be artists, architects, musicians, films, or filmmakers.

What is special about cycling in L.A.?

súperdomestik has paid homage to the San Gabriel Mountains by designing kits inspired by Mount Wilson, Mount Disappointment, and Mount Baldy.

What are some of your other collaborations?

In 2016, súperdomestik worked with:

  1. Peloton Magazine, creating a trio of kits that pay homage to The Belgian Classics, Giro’d Italia, and Le Tour de France.

  2. The Pablove Foundation and their 600 mile Pablove Across America fundraising ride. We created the rider and ride leader kits along with the marketing design for the event itself.

  3. Jet Propulsion Lab CC where we took inspiration from the descending orbits of Cassini for the design of the kit.

  4. For Californian pro cyclist Phil Gaimon and his Malibu Gran Cookie Dough ride we designed the identity and marketing along with a ltd edition kit for the event.

Tell people a bit about the 2017 LACBC kit design:

It looks great. BUY ONE NOW!

To check out the whole line and place your order (pre-order by October 30th for a mid-December shipment):

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