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Bike Culver City's Project Visibility

Over the summer months, LACBC supported our Culver City chapter in a hugely successful safety lights campaign. Art Nomura of Bike Culver City applied for and received a GoHuman grant via the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) and the Office of Transportation Safety (OTS). The grant’s purpose was to distribute free lights to people working in Culver City who ride a bike, skateboard, scooter, or walk to commute. As the project culminated, 150 lights were given out with a priority for low-income applicants.

Art and his team conducted outreach at Culver City Farmer’s Market, door to door with businesses in the community, the Culver City Transit Center, and Fiesta La Ballona at Veteran’s Park. Volunteers from the local high school as well as Bike Culver City members helped sign up applicants, distribute lights and share information about the project.

The lights given out were great quality, USB re-chargeable, led, bright and fun! Applicants had a choice between a Tracer2 LED vest, or two LED Safety lights (in a few color options).

One recipient said, “I take a scooter around town to deliver. It’s my only job right now and I have close calls with vehicles and people almost every day. Some safety lights would help me work at night.” Another applicant told us, “Thank you so much for offering this, I ride my bicycle to work every day and it would be so useful to have some lights, especially in the winter!”

Thank you to Art, Bike Culver City and everyone who helped see this project through. The LACBC team is so proud of the work being done to serve the community!

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