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Bikeshare Needs Complementary Infrastructure

With the opening of the pilot bike share station in Echo Park, LACBC is excited that Councilmember O’Farrell is driving progress to make CD-13 a safe and fun place to walk and bike. We look forward to partnering with the Councilmember to implement much-needed infrastructure improvements to Fletcher and Temple Streets, part of the City’s High Injury Network.Los Angeles streets are currently the leading cause of death of children under the age of 14 in the city. Too many pedestrians and cyclists have already lost their lives due to unsafe road designs that don’t accommodate pedestrians or bicycles. LACBC is committed to working with local communities in CD-13 to ensure that a comprehensive network of safe infrastructure is in place. We encourage Councilmember O’Farrell to continue to support the safety of our neighbors by implementing infrastructure improvements on Temple and Fletcher.

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