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Countdown to the LA Rivers Challenge finish line!

This is it - your last week to earn badges for the LA Rivers Challenge has arrived! Finish off strong by completing the distances of your respective challenge badge.

Ballona Creek

Finish your 31 mile Recharge Challenge this week by completing the 8.8 miles of the Ballona Creek (not to be confused with the 6.7 mile path that runs alongside part of it). No matter where in the County you are, learn more about the creek and its watershed by clicking the buttons below.

East Fork San Gabriel

If you started the month aiming for the 62-mile Shoreline Challenge, finish the month off strong by completing the 17 mile distance of LA’s East Fork River. The East Fork itself doesn’t have bicycle infrastructure, so you’re gonna have to get your fix elsewhere. But don’t waste this opportunity to learn more about this waterway in the mountains that’s helped people survive for thousands of years!

West Fork San Gabriel

Is your goal to complete the 100-mile Double River Challenge? If you’ve stayed on track with the badges this month, you only have about 17 more miles to go. Meet your goal (and push yourself just a little further) by paying homage to the West Fork River and completing 19 miles. A summertime getaway for hundreds - if not thousands - of years, the West Fork sports a National Scenic Bikeway that parallels the river for more than eight miles. Read more at the links below.

San Gabriel River

For those of you embarking on the 200 mile LA Basin Loop Challenge, your badge’s distance is the 58 miles of the San Gabriel River. This river has a bike path along a 38 mile stretch, so this waterway does have bike infrastructure to its name that will help you meet this week’s goal.

Get after it - you’re almost there!

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