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Earn the Badges: Complete the Challenge

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Our virtual LA Rivers Challenge is right around the corner! Starting June 1, whether you signed up to complete 31 miles or 200, our waterway badges will guide your path to victory from week to week.

Starting June 1, we'll be announcing waterway badges week by week that correspond with your chosen mileage goal.


If you signed up for the 31 mile Recharge Challenge, your week 1 waterway will be Aliso Creek Badge at 8.5 miles! Keep an eye out for the Compton Creek Badge (8.5 miles), Burbank Western Channel Badge (6.3 miles) and the Ballona Creek Badge (8.8 miles) as the month continues.


Similarly, if you signed up for the 62 mile Shoreline Challenge, you'll be keeping an eye out for the Chino Creek (12.7 miles), Little Rock Creek (16.7 miles), Rio Hondo (16.4 miles) and East Fork San Gabriel (17 miles) Badges week by week.


For those going for the 100 mile Double River Challenge, week 1 will challenge you to complete 25 miles, the distance of Castaic Creek. For the rest of the month, look out for Arroyo Seco (24.9 miles), Pacoima Wash (33 miles) and West Fork San Gabriel (19 miles).


For those mileage junkies out there, our badges will have you riding a variety of mileage from week to week. In week 1 you'll be challenged to ride the 47.9 miles of the LA River. For week 2, it'll be the 28.8 miles of the Big Tujunga Creek, 71 miles in week 3 for Piru Creek, and the San Gabriel River's 58 miles in week 4.


1. Tracking Your Mileage: First decide which app you are going to use for tracking your run/walk/ride. Use your favorite app or try out one of these apps:

  • Strava

  • FitBit

  • CycleDroid

  • MapMyRide

  • Google Fit

  • Apple Health

2. Uploading Your Mileage: You will need to update your mileage accomplishments on your Challenge fundraising page. You can go to our Mileage Tracking Form and log your current mileage. (Bookmark the Mileage Tracking Form for easy access) NOTE: Make sure that you use the email address associated with your fundraising page!

3. When To Update Your Mileage: You can update your mileage every day, once a week, or as soon as you finish your exercise, whatever works for you! (Make sure that you add your TOTAL miles for the week every time you enter your new mileage -- the form will overwrite your previous entry in the week.)

**To qualify to earn your weekly LARC Badge/s, update your mileage total for the week by 11:59pm on Sunday night**

Set out to complete the badge distance each week and you'll be right on track to meet your overall challenge mileage goal.

To learn more about the challenge, including how to sign up, visit

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