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Family Fun Rides: A Tour of Claremon’t Parks & Colleges


This six mile ride starts at the Claremont Depot, aka: the Claremont Metrolink Station. From there, the route heads in a northern direction for three miles, then heads east for a mile before heading back south. The route starts off with a gradual incline, climbing 297 feet over 3.7 miles then ending on a less gradual decline over 2.3 miles, making for a fun ending that’s faster than the first half of your journey. The downhill is on Mills Avenue, a two-lane street with a bike lane. This ride is best suited for families with beginning street riding experience. At six miles, this ride provides an opportunity to take it slow, make lots of stops, and have a fun time.

This route visits three parks along the uphill portion, and then traverses through the Claremont College before guiding you back to the Metrolink Station. At the end, College park is around the corner from the train station, should you finish your ride with plenty of time to wait for your train.

Claremont Metrolink Station

Located at 200 W. 1st St in Claremont, this Metrolink Station is part of the San Bernardino Line which runs from Union Station to downtown San Bernardino. Claremont Village has a variety of shops, restaurants and coffee shops to help you get your day started with breakfast and greet you at the end of your ride with lunch.

From the Metrolink platform, take the west exit and then head north along Harvard Avenue then make a left onto Bonita Ave. After a right onto Yale, left on Harrison and right back onto Yale you’ll be at Memorial Park.

Memorial Park

Memorial Park is only 0.7 miles from the start of this ride. No need to stop here if you’ve got momentum going, but if your crew is already in need of a bathroom or snack break, this is a great place to pull into and rest.

After this, continue heading north along Yale and in two blocks make a left onto 12th St. In two blocks make a right on Berkeley Avenue. Next up is Foothill Blvd, four-lane road with a bike lane. We’ll only be on Foothill for less than half a mile. Make a right and at the next Indian Hill Blvd, make a U-turn to head west along Foothill for one block. Here you have an option to position yourself in the left turn lane for that U-turn, or stick to the right side of the road and use the crosswalk to get on the north side of Foothill. If you’re with a group of young children, it’s recommended to dismount and walk bikes across. Then make a right onto Colby Circle then a left on Oxford Ave. In three quarters of a mile you’ll arrive at Cahuilla Park.

Cahuilla Park

Cahuilla Park is about 2.5 miles from the beginning of this ride. This is a great spot to refuel with some snacks and take a short break. You’re almost at the halfway point!

Once you’re ready to continue, hop on the north sidewalk of Scripps Drive. At Antioch Rd, use the path through the landscaping to head north along Antioch. Continue straight until Champlain Drive and make a right. At Indian Hill Blvd, make a right and either use the left turn lane to head east on Radcliffe Drive, or use the crosswalk. Stay on Radcliffe Drive until Mills Ave. You’ll have arrived at Chaparral Park.

Chaparral Park

Chaparral Park is about a mile away from Cahuilla Park. Once here, you are more than halfway done with this ride.

There didn’t seem to be any restrooms at this location, so this is a good spot if you need a quick rest but not the best option for an extended stay.

From here, make a right to head south on Mills Avenue. It’s all downhill from here along a two-lane street with a bike lane. At Foothill Blvd, continue straight as you enter the Claremont Colleges.

Claremont Colleges

South of Foothill, you’ll ride past Harvey Mudd, Pitzer, Scripps and Claremont Graduate University.

Make a right onto Platt Blvd, then a left onto Dartmouth. At 8th St make a right, followed by an immediate left onto College. Continue on College past 1st St and you’ll have arrived back at Claremont Depot.

Metrolink Station/College Park

You’ve made it back to the beginning! If you’re looking for a place to hang out while your train arrives, continue south along College for 0.2 miles. On the left hand side you’ll see a sign for College Park. Enter through this driveway and you’ll find a dog park, picnic tables, and a few places to chill.

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Very interesting, I went to Claremont Colleges around Foothill, did some riding around there.. and then I went to vegas to get my eyebrows done and did some more riding over there! This is where I got it done

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