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ICYMI: LACBC Bike Salon Series

LACBC team, board members and fellow Angelenos gathered at Maverick Community Center for the 1st Bike Salon

LACBC hosted a series of Bike Salons to benefit a more bikeable Los Angeles! Bike-Minded individuals gathered together to connect, discuss important issues in the cycling community, and learn more about our efforts to transform greater Los Angeles into a healthy, safe, and fun region to ride a bike.

We want to start by thanking our amazing Board Members for their involvement in the success of these events!

Michael Fishman & Cynthia Rose were pioneers leading our first ever Bike Salon

Todd Wexman hooked us up with Doubting Thomas which provided a great central location to meet for Bike Salon #2

Yuval Bar-Zemer was kind enough to lend his home to host with Tiffany Huang, which made for a great final meeting at Bike Salon #3


We were especially grateful to be able to provide a platform for local community members, business owners and activists to speak at the salons. LACBC is first and foremost a coalition, and we would be nothing without pillars of the community to lean on and learn from as we advocate for a better, more bikeable place to call home. We asked each speaker to share with us their thoughts about our series. Here's what they had to say:

"LACBC's Bike Salon is an assemblage of traffic and mobility advocates engaging with the community by sharing their experiences and collaborating on safer and healthier solutions to move around the city. It's a welcoming atmosphere that is open to everyone to come together to be a larger voice in the community by networking, planning, organizing to envision a city prioritizing the most vulnerable road users." - Ester Song, Road Runner Bags

Esther Song sharing why she wanted to attend Bike Salon #2

Terence Heuston pitching Sunset4all at Bike Salon #3

“I think what I took away from the bike salon is it was great to see so many wonderful people in person again and I was impressed with the comprehensive range of policy initiatives that the LACBC is pushing forward to make Los Angeles a more sustainable, bikeable city.” - Terence Heuston, Sunset4all

“With downtown as a stunning backdrop at one event, and local business as host at another, LACBC's Bike Salons have brought forth a much-needed social venue for the mobility-minded in our city. The Bike Salon has been a great opportunity to meet fellow Angelenos, learn about the proactive work many are contributing to, and collectively imagine a future, more easily traversable Los Angeles.” - Derrick Paul, Sunset4all

"Inspired by the coalition of people, from all bikes of life, coming together

to listen, plan and act.” - Jimmy Lizama, Relámpago Wheelery

Jimmy Lizama (right) with Eli Akira Kaufman (left) posing in front of his custom-built long-john cargo bike

“The Bike Salon was incredible. I really enjoyed being able to share space and chat about the passions of like minded bike folks from the community.” - Erin Detroit Veseys, Detroit Veseys

Erin sharing the news about Detroit Veseys, a new bike cafe in DTLA


The spirit generated by the salons is one we plan to carry into our work until we can host again. If you were able to attend, we thank you so much for your time and good energy. We'd love to hear any feedback you have whether you enjoyed it or have ideas in mind for future gatherings!

Did you miss out on attending one of our Bike Salons recently? You can still participate! The Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition is a non-profit. We take donations from the community and put your needs into action. In order to keep the LACBC bike pedaling, we need the power of the people.

Consider becoming a Giving Gear by making a monthly gift to LACBC. Funding like this sustains LACBC by providing a steady stream of support to improve the quality of life for Angelenos by advocating for safe, equitable, and fun places to to ride your bicycles.

Give what you can! It’s easy on the budget, convenient, and tax deductible. Every dollar count and donations add up quickly.

$10 a month becomes $120 annually

$25 a month becomes $300 annually

$50 a month becomes $600 annually

$100 a month becomes $1,200 annually

$200 a month becomes $2,400 annually

If you'd like to begin your monthly offering please click here.

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