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Infrastructure & Policy Updates 4/6/2023

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Federal Level

US Has Between 700 Million and 2 Billion Parking Spaces

The U.S, a nation of about 332 million people, likely has between 700 million and 2 billion parking spaces, or between two-and-a-half and seven spaces per registered vehicle, according to the Wall Street Journal. Free street parking often fills quickly, but off-street garages have plentiful spaces that are rarely full. But cities across the U.S. are beginning to prioritize other uses of this space, like housing. To read a non-paywalled summary of the article, click the link below.

State Level

Caltrans Releases 5-Year Progress Report On Bicycle Infrastructure and Pedestrian Plan

Caltrans released a 5-year progress report on its State Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, highlighting its successes and outlining next steps - including developing guidance on incorporating complete streets improvements on the state highway system.

The report also mentions that Caltrans is going to launch a Bicyclist Systemic Safety Improvement Program. The goal is to reduce fatalities and injuries through blanket improvements that can be implemented in areas throughout the roadway network. Read more at the link below.

General LA

LADOT Receives $2 Million For Curb Asset Inventory Project

The U.S. Department of Transportation awarded Los Angeles $2 million to fund a pilot program that will develop a digital inventory of downtown’s curb assets and regulations.The inventory of curb features will enhance the Los Angeles Department of Transportation’s ability to manage and prioritize curb use to advance access, sustainability, equity and economic growth, according to Green Car Congress.

San Fernando Valley

LA Council President Proposes Moving Metrolink Station

Council President Paul Krekorian introduced a motion directing Metro and Metrolink to consider the potential relocation of the Antelope Valley Line’s Sun Valley Station to either Sunland Boulevard or Van Nuys Boulevard, citing that the current location is far from residents, businesses and other transit.


West Hollywood Plans $1 On-Demand Ride Service

Once launched, West Hollywood’s Cityline Flex micro transit riders will be able to book a $1 ride anywhere in West Hollywood during business hours. Passengers can book on a smartphone application, a web portal, or by calling the program’s call center. West Hollywood residents over 62 or people with a disability will ride for free with curb-to-curb service, while the general public will pay $1 for corner-to-corner service with walks under ¼ mile to their final destination.

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