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Infrastructure & Policy Updates 5/17/2023

State Level

Mobility Advocates Advocate For State Bill For Speed Cameras

On Monday, advocates with Streets Are For Everyone (SAFE), Street Racing Kills, Streets for All, Faith for SAFEr Streets, SoCal Families for Safe Streets joined family members whose relatives were killed in traffic violence for a rally in support of AB645. If passed, the bill would allow the limited use of speed cameras in school zones, on high injury networks, and on roads with known street racing, as a pilot in six cities, including Los Angeles and Long Beach.

The legislation would levy a $50 fine if someone is found to be speeding, starting at 11 MPH over the speed limit, with low-income individuals caught speeding receiving a 50% discount or having it waived in lieu of community service. It would also require that any profit from the program be invested back into road safety improvements (better sidewalks, lights or signs, etc.) in the neighborhoods where the cameras are located.

General LA

LA To Explore Installing Speed Bumps In Front Of All Public Schools

The L.A. City Council approved a motion by Council President Paul Krekorian asking the Los Angeles Department of Transportation to look into the feasibility of installing speed humps outside of all public schools. The program would be similar to the pilot program underway in Krekorian’s District 2 where the raised sections of asphalt are being installed at all public elementary schools, his office said. The program is expected to be completed by the start of the 2023-24 school year.

Los Angeles Explores Replacing Peak-Hour Travel Lanes With Bike, Bus Lanes

On some of Los Angeles’ busiest streets, street parking spots are removed and instead function as another lane for driving during peak traffic times. The City Council voted to have the city study disallow driving in those lanes and instead opening them as bike and bus lanes, specifically on the affected roads Alvarado Street, Vermont Boulevard, and La Brea and Roscoe avenues.

South Bay Cities

Long Beach Interested In 26 Mile Bus-Only Lane To Pasadena

The city of Pico Rivera is leading an effort to create a 26.3-mile-long rapid bus-transit lane along the Lakewood Boulevard corridor, and it wants Long Beach to be a partner in the project, which it hopes could break ground by 2028.

Long Beach Launches $5/year Bike Share

The City of Long Beach has launched its Bike Share for All program, where eligible applicants can access it for $5 per year. Yes, five dollars. The program is available for low-income people 18 and older who live, work or attend school in Long Beach.

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