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Infrastructure & Policy Updates 6/14/2023

General LA

Metro Fare Capping Begins July 1

Beginning July 1, Metro riders do not have to purchase passes up front and can instead ride on a pay-as-you-go basis. Instead of purchasing a $7 day pass, riders will pay $1.75 for each trip, and when a rider pays for their third trip (the total would have been $5.25 - three times $1.75), Metro will stop charging for rides that day. Daily fare payments max out a $5 daily cap. The same fare capping process will be applied to weekly passes, with ride charges maxing out at $18.

Metro Presents Option To Close Gap On Downtown’s Alameda Esplanade

With the 101 Freeway standing in the way of a contiguous esplanade for pedestrians and cyclists between First Street and Cesar Chavez Boulevard, Metro presented three options to close the gap. Read more and see mockups below.

San Gabriel Valley

Funding Approved For Bus Shelter Enhancements in Claremont

The Claremont City Council approved $930,000 for its Bus Shelter Enhancement Project, which will blend transportation and public art. Read more and see mockups of the designs below.

South Bay Cities

Torrance Opens New 'State of the Art' Transit Center

The city of Torrance held a ribbon cutting ceremony last Friday for the new MaryK. Giordano Regional Transit Center, which has been in the making for 20 years. It will help connect people in the South Bay to major hubs, including LAX.

Studebaker Road Complete Streets Project Timeline Pushed Back

A long-planned revamp of Studebaker Road in East Long Beach has been pushed back as costs have risen from a projected $18.5 million to $38 million. The city is seeking funds to pay for repairs that were more complicated than expected. The project was expected to start at the end of 2023 but now may begin in 2024.


Santa Monica Council Members Seek Report On 17th Street Bike Lanes Before Completion

Santa Monica Council Members Phil Brock and Oscar de la Torre directed the city to report on the 17th Street bicycle and pedestrian improvements installed between Pico and Wilshire. The project has not yet been completed but the city will report on the costs, impacts, trade-offs and possible funding sources to modify the design on the Broadway/17th intersection to enhance vehicular movements. That intersection was redesigned to include a Dutch style crossing to improve safety of pedestrians and bicyclists.

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