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Infrastructure & Policy Updates 8/10/22

Federal Level

Bicycling On Long Distance Trails (BOLT) Act Clears U.S. House

The federal Bicycling On Long Distance Trails (BOLT) Act is awaiting Senate review after passing the U.S. House of Representatives last month. The bill would identify 10 or more existing long-distance bike trails and 10 or more areas where bike trails can be completed or developed. The goal is to promote bicycling in federal land across the country.

State Level

California To Receive $631 Million For Climate Resilient Transportation Infrastructure

California will receive more than $631 million over the next five years for climate resilient transportation infrastructure through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. The money will help fund investments that create faster evacuation routes and improve emergency response times. U.S. Sen. Alex Padilla, D-CA, said the funding will help prepare California for extreme weather, including wildfires, flooding and extreme heat.

General LA

LAX Unveils Automated People Mover Train Car

The Los Angeles International Airport unveiled the first of 44 train cars for the airport's long-awaited Automated People Mover, the centerpiece of the LAX modernization project. The 2.25-mile elevated guideway will have six stations connecting travelers to terminals, Metro and the airport’s rent-a-car facility. It is expected to be operational in 2023.

Healthy Streets LA Petition Certified By City Clerk

Streets For All announced that its ballot initiative petition Healthy Streets LA was certified by the city clerk as having a sufficient number of signatures. The initiative aims to mandate the city to conduct Mobility Plan improvements while performing unrelated street resurfacing and slurry seal projects. The City Council must now decide whether to approve the initiative as is or present it to voters.

LA's New Bike Repair Law Goes Into Effect

Los Angeles’ new law banning people from assembling or disassembling bicycles in the public right-of-way took effect on Monday, and the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition joined activists with Street Watch for a protest and bike repair clinic outside City Hall.

“For a lot of people who are down on their luck or — for whatever reason — find themselves under-housed, a bicycle becomes a key lifeline to getting around and navigating the region,” LACBC Executive Director Eli Akira Kaufman said. Kaufman agreed that bicycle thefts are a problem, but said “there are so many other ideas that haven’t been explored before this draconian ordinance gets laid down.”

San Gabriel Valley (Pasadena, SouthPas, Pomona)

Pasadena City Council Approves Memorial Sign Program

Pasadena approved a citywide Roadside Memorial Sign Program to raise awareness about traffic safety and honor victims of fatal car crashes. Families of victims can request a memorial sign through their council office six months after the incident, and the city will pay for installation and maintenance for seven years.

South Bay (Carson, Long Beach)

Some Long Beach Parklets Could Become Permanent

Some of Long Beach’s outdoor dining parklets created during the pandemic could become permanent, according to the Long Beach Post. The Department of Public Works found that 43 parklets could feasibly become permanent locations, and another 18 would need to meet certain conditions before being eligible. A handful of restaurants – including The Breakfast Bar in Downtown, Modica’s Deli, Gusto Bread near Retro Row and La Parolaccia Osteria on Broadway – have started the application process to make their parklet permanent.

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