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Justice for Victim of CHP Hit and Run

On June 27, 2021, LA Confidential Car Club live streamed an event on YouTube. Two hours in, police arrive, making stops and slowing thru traffic. Once back in their vehicles, police begin turning around in the middle of the street and this is where the incident occurs.

In the video below, you will see 14 year old Isaac Cota falling off of his bicycle after being hit by a California Highway Patrol officer. Said officer then continues driving away from the scene with no immediate aid offered to the child.

Reported by KTLA5, Cota's mother said even over a month after the incident, the boy is still suffering from a concussion and a shoulder injury. Read full story here.

At LACBC, we recognize the dangers drivers in cars can pose for everyone else. To see that ignored by public servants is beyond concerning. We have since written a letter to CHP Chief Mark Garrett, asking for accountability and transparency during their investigation of this incident. Please read and share our statement below.

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