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LA Bike Fest October Ride Challenge!

Friendraise for bicycle advocacy in Los Angeles!

In honor of LA Bike Fest, the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition has created a ride mileage challenge in October! CHALLENGE yourself to see how many miles you can complete in October.

If you’ve signed up to Peer-to-Peer fundraise for LA Bike Fest, increase your contribution to cycling in Los Angeles by challenging your friends, family, and colleagues to support your efforts to transform the streets to make them safer and friendlier for those who ride.

If you haven’t signed up yet, don’t worry, you still have time!

Join the October Ride Challenge

2. Visit the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition Ride with GPS page

3. Click on the Challenges tab on the menu at top

4. Click to join the October LA Bike Fest Challenge!

Make sure to open up the Ride with GPS app and hit record every time you ride throughout October! All of the rides you log during the Ride Challenge will automatically be counted.

Share your completed rides on Ride with GPS and pics of you on your rides to your social media. Tag @lacbc and use #LABikeFest2022 so we can help you spread the word!


Any questions? Email us at or visit for more information


About LA Bike Fest

LACBC is hosting our inaugural LA Bike Fest on Saturday, November 5, 2022 in the Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles. Doubling as Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition's signature fundraising event, LA Bike Fest is designed to bring together the cycling community through live music, drinks, food, and more!

We will activate the 5,000 sq ft of event space at the Bike Shed Moto Co. along with members, influencers, elected officials, community leaders, corporate partners, bike-friendly businesses, transportation advocates, and cyclists. Our Pedal-Powered Party is a gathering where attendees ride to and from the Bike Shed, the healthiest, happiest, most sustainable, and equitable transportation available, by bicycle. The event is open to all ages and will include refreshments, great entertainment by local artists and DJs, a massage tent, photo opportunities, activations led by local community-based organizations, a silent auction, special bike giveaways, good cheer, and all things cycling.

Guests, partners, volunteers, and the LACBC staff will celebrate the many benefits of bicycling to improve the quality of life for everyone in Los Angeles by coming together to party for our mission to make Los Angeles a safe, equitable, and joyous region to live and bicycle.

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