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LACBC Everywhere: Treva Moore

LACBC is fortunate to have dedicated group of supporters.

Whether it’s leading a ride, advocating at an event or helping around the office, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the help of our volunteers.

If you’ve ever done the L.A. River Ride or joined us for a Sunday Funday, odds are you have met Treva Moore marshaling a ride.

You won’t have to ask for her by name, you’ll just recognize her from her smile.

Treva enjoys the freedom cycling provides and all the opportunities the area has to offer.

Growing up on a farm outside Bakersfield, Treva had plenty of space to ride and explore.

Moving to Los Angeles was a transition, but finding her way around on a bike provided some new experiences.

Treva knows how to stock up for the longer rides.

What was it like to grow up on a farm around your family?

It was great. I lived two houses down from my Grandmother’s home and spent a lot of time with her, my aunts and uncles. We had fruit trees and gardens, so we had delicious, healthy foods. A few neighbors had horses that they let me ride as well.

Did you have fond memories cycling as a child?

As a kid I was mountain biking before I even knew what it was. Our home was near ten other homes to the North; open fields to the West, East and South of my home. We had no sidewalks, just dirt. Our street was very busy with fast driving cars and diesel trucks, so I always rode through the dirt and mud every opportunity I could.

What steered you to pursue your studies in Health Sciences?

I always enjoyed Medicine and loved Math and Science as a kid in school. I initially wanted to be a surgeon, but medical school and specializing seemed like such a long time to be in school. A high school teacher recommended that I become a teacher. I told her I was going to be a surgeon and she explained the time it would involve, and when I had issues with that, she advised me to research Physical Therapy…the rest is history.

CSUN is known for being a commuter campus, but going to school there is what got you back into cycling?

My earliest memories of cycling are around 9 – 10 years old. When I transferred to CSUN, I had already been cycling every day after work, but not to school. When I later returned to CSUN to pursue my degree in Physical Therapy, I initially paid for a parking sticker and drove my car to school. One day, I became so frustrated with driving around the lot looking for a space. Once I would find one, I would have to walk so far to get to class it was ridiculous. So, I just thought to save my money, get back on my bike and get closer to my classes.

Treva takes a spin on the San Gabriel River Bike Path.

Getting back into cycling, how were you able to find people to ride with?

I enjoy riding around the Beaches, so in cycling on the bike paths, I met many people and found out about other groups and organizations to ride with. Also, Facebook is a great source to find groups to ride with.

Since you’ve cycled the whole county, how has biking given you a new perspective on the region?

Cycling LA County has given me a new perspective….LA is NOT flat! LOL! Also, that there are a lot of nice, hidden gems in the County. Riding at night in a group is also fun because there’s an excitement in the air and it’s something different. Critical Mass rides are pretty fun. It is also always nice to bike car free so I do enjoy riding the bike paths in the county.

What do you enjoy most about ride marshaling and being a part of the L.A. River Ride?

By marshaling, I’ve become aware of car free bike paths that I hadn’t noticed of previously. It has also increased my knowledge in cycling safety and helped me focus on making myself more visible on the roads in the county. I love wearing bright colors anyway, so when I cycle I wear the brightest colors that I possibly can.

Hitting the wall is actually an achievement if you’re able to climb Mandeville Canyon.

How does being a physical therapist help you as a cyclist?

Being a Physical Therapist helps me as a cyclist because if ever I have any issues, I can help myself. Also, I am always thinking about overall muscle balances / imbalances, flexibility and core strength.

When you travel to other cities, you normally take your bike with you. Where are some of your favorite places to visit?

I love all the cycling nearby in San Diego and Santa Barbara. I cycled the Oakland Gran Fondo in 2016 and the views of the bay, hills and oceans views were SPECTACULAR!!!

Outside of cycling, what else do you do for fun?

I enjoy traveling, reading novels and comic books (lately more comic books); playing racquetball. I enjoy watching funny comedy movies, stand-up comedians. I also enjoy watching Jeopardy…yes, I typed Jeopardy…WHAT?

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