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LACBC Family’s First Ride Brings Out People of All Ages

LACBC Family launched our first group ride this past Saturday with a great showing. Around fifty riders of all ages showed up at Marsh Park as we made a group excursion across Elysian Valley, Atwater Village, and Los Feliz for a day of fun.

As a veteran of many kids and family rides, Nathan Lucero of On My Bike in LA helped plan the route. He also snapped a number of pictures capturing the ride from many angles.

After taking the L.A. River Bike Path north, the group coasted along Fletcher Ave. with the help of our super team of LACBC Ride Marshals.

The ride turned up Larga Ave. where the group easily strolled through Atwater Village.

Riding along Glendale Blvd., the group had many restaurants along this stretch to choose from without the worry of having to find parking. . .

. . . We did fill up the bike corral, but there were many other places to park as participants visited a variety of different eateries.

After eating, part of the group continued on for some additional riding to Griffith Park, where the adults rested underneath the shade while the children enjoyed themselves on the playground.

Our first LACBC Family Ride was a big success showing families that bicycling gives you many options where you can explore.

We plan on bringing more family rides across the region, so follow LACBC Family as we’ll be adding events throughout the year.

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