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Measure M: #MakeLACounty Connected with the Pomona Valley

Bikes taking over the streets at the Pomona Christmas Parade.

Sitting along the eastern edge of L.A. County, the Pomona Valley continues to rise.

Home to Route 66, Claremont Colleges, L.A. County Fairgrounds, La Verne Mansion, and historic Old Town San Dimas, the Pomona Valley is a growing region that is in need of better connectivity.

On top of many transportation improvements, Measure M would bring $3.6 million in local return every year to the Pomona Valley to improve local infrastructure including streets, sidewalks, and bike lanes.

These investments would also supplement the proposed Gold Line extension which will connect Downtown Los Angeles with Claremont.

We spoke with John Trendler of the Pomona Valley Bicycle Coalition, a local chapter of LACBC, to describe the area’s current landscape and how Measure M can help #MakeLACounty connected.

How would you describe the Pomona Valley?

Pomona Valley is about 30 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, at the edge of L.A. county. It’s made up of a variety of cities with diverse attractions, charming downtowns, and amazing facilities. Pomona Valley is home of the L.A. County Fair, colleges and universities, Frank G. Bonelli Park and many biking and hiking paths among other things.

Being situated on the edge of L.A. county there are plenty of commuters who travel into and out of Los Angeles daily for school, work and/or fun.

Riding through beautiful San Dimas Canyon.

What is it like to bike around the region?

The region has some great cycling infrastructure as well as some very dangerous streets. Many people use bicycles as a primary form of transportation, and there are a lot of recreational cyclists, cycling clubs, and cycling events in the region.

How would Measure M benefit Pomona Valley?

Measure M would not only help create safer streets for biking and walking, but would fund the Gold Line extension to Claremont, an 11-mile extension between Azusa and Claremont which would include stations in Glendora, San Dimas, La Verne, Pomona, and Claremont. The Gold Line extension would help alleviate traffic congestion and give residents broader transportation options.

Safe Routes to School event with PVBC at Kingsley Elementary

Who would benefit from these improvements?

All residents of the region (and county, actually) will benefit from reduced congestion and safer streets. Commuters would be able to escape rush hour bumper-to-bumper traffic, students would have safer routes to schools, and residents would see an increase in access to healthy transportation options.

What do you wish to see for Pomona Valley in the coming years?

It would be great to see fewer short trips by car and more biking, walking and public transportation to and from work, school, shopping, and fun. There is so much to see and do in the region and a lot of it is relatively close by. It’d be great to see more streets that people feel safe walking and biking on connecting them to the places they go often.

Learn more about Measure M and pledge to vote yes on M this November 8th at

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