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Measure M: The L.A. River Path Can Make the San Fernando Valley More Connected

For the San Fernando Valley, Measure M‘s passage would bring much-needed enhancements, such as the East San Fernando Valley Transportation Corridor, Orange Line improvements, rail through the Sepulveda Pass, and Bus Rapid Transit between North Hollywood and Pasadena.

These projects will greatly serve the 1.9 million residents that call the San Fernando Valley home, but cyclists also have another reason to support Measure M.

The L.A. River stretches 51 miles, and while there is a dedicated bike and pedestrian path along much of its length, the Valley only has limited mileage between Canoga Park and Griffith Park. Measure M would provide the funding to close that gap.

Our video highlights how the LA River Bike Path can make the San Fernando Valley more connected:

Learn more about Measure M and pledge to vote yes on M this November 8th at

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