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News Cycle: 1/28/21 – Countywide Call For Your Input, New Intersections Self-Guided Ride, Bike

LACBC Newsletter

The News Cycle

January 28, 2021

Help us bring bikes to people in need with #LACountyBikeMatch!

T.R.U.S.T. South LA is having their virtual open house tonight at 6pm!

T.R.U.S.T. South LA is a community-based effort that works to stabilize the neighborhoods south of Downtown LA, where increased property values and rents have pushed out many long-term residents. Our mission is to serve as a steward for community-controlled land; to be a catalyst for values-driven, community-serving development; to build awareness and community leadership in issues of housing, transportation and recreation; and to create programs and initiatives that encourage community building and economic opportunity. Register here.

We’re cleaning house!

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Stay in the Know

Check out the flyer and click here to register.


Air Quality Update

On January 17, the South Coast Air Quality Management District lifted limits on the number of bodies cremated per day for 10 days.

These limits are intended to maintain a certain level of air quality. The lifting has since been extended to February 4 and expanded to Orange County.

When the lift went into effect, there was a backlog of 2,700 bodies being stored in hospitals and the coroner’s office.

Stay safe out there and please wear a mask – for Covid-19 and for the air quality.


Governor Newsome has lifted the regional stay at home order statewide, but Covid-19 spread in LA County remains at threat level red.

Continue being vigilant by doing the simple things to ensure you & others can ride for many years to come:

1) Wear your mask; 2) Wash your hands; 3) Maintain social distancing; 4) Ride only with your circle


Our February Ride is out now: Black History Ride

By no means a comprehensive telling of Black History in Los Angeles, this is a 22.2 mile ride starts in Expo Park, heads South to Westmont, then makes its way back via Avalon Blvd. Theoretically, based on Google speeds, this should take you two hours without stops. When scouted at a leisurely and steady pace, with two snack & bathroom breaks, and lots of picture-taking, this took about five hours. Visits include South LA Cafe, Leimert Park Plaza, the site of Dijon Kizzee’s death at the hands of sheriff’s deputies, South LA Wetlands Park, and the California African American Museum.

Check out the rest of the rides we’ve created so far on our website!


General LA Updates

Metro Micro Expansion the service which launched in December in the Inglewood and Watts/Willowbrook areas now has service in Compton/Artesia, El Monte & North Hollywood/Burbank.

The LA River Master Plan is now open for review & comment LACBC has some thoughts we’re putting together as an official response. Check out our next New Cycle for more details. In the meantime, check out the plan and let us know what you think.

Eagle Rock BRT Update – Metro has failed to provide workable solutions for the North Hollywood to Pasadena BRT project. The three options that Metro has presented fail to prioritize the needs of the community members, but instead prioritize the convenience of the drivers. Each option makes a major sacrifice that will negatively affect the quality of transit as well as the Eagle Rock community as a whole. The proposed Metro plan will remove existing bicycle lanes on Colorado Blvd. and replace them with a shared bus/bike lane.

To counter this, Eagle Rock community members have developed a proposal, “Beautiful Boulevard”, that seeks to maintain existing medians and provides dedicated bus lanes,