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News for Your Neighborhood: Infrastructure & Policy Updates


State Level

Richmond-San Rafael Bridge Path Threatened Again

In San Fransisco, the Transportation Authority of Marin has reported that opening a third lane on the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge would save northbound drivers 11 minutes to cross. The problem is, it would cost cyclists hours as they would have to instead take a bus to cross the bridge. How can it realistically be "transportation authority" if only cars are being considered?

Arroyo Verdugo (Includes Burbank, Glendale)


The North Hollywood street marked the kickoff to the next phase of Cool LA, a program the city began in 2019 to paint streets gray and plant shade trees to lower temperatures in some of its hottest neighborhoods.

The Department of Public Works estimates that so-called cool pavement reduces the temperature of a street by 10 degrees and can also help cool down entire neighborhoods. Up to 300 feet from a cool pavement installation, temperatures are reduced by two degrees.

Read the full article to see what's next!


California Invests $15 Million to Improve Transportation Along the LA River

Two projects along the Los Angeles River will be funded by more than $15 million in funding from the state, officials said Wednesday.

The projects are intended to improve transportation along the LA River.

The funding includes $10 million to complete the Glendale-L.A. Garden River pedestrian and bicycle bridge, which will create a connection between Glendale and Griffith Park's bike paths.

The remaining $5 million will establish an integral under-crossing to create a path along the North Atwater East Bank of the river. Once that project is completed, walkers, cyclists and equestrians will be able to access parks, equestrian facilities, neighborhoods, businesses and creation areas.

South Bay Cities (Includes Carson, Long Beach)


Beach e-bikes revolutionize transportation

Electric micro mobility vehicles, “and e-bikes in particular, are here to stay,” says Hermosa Beach Mayor Justin Massey. “The more we can create safe passage for them, the better we’ll be able to integrate them into all the modes of transportation that we see in Hermosa Beach.”

Read all about the ways that these beach cities are benefitting from expanding their definition of transportation.

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