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News for Your Neighborhood: Infrastructure & Policy Updates


State Level

We're Getting a Light Rail?

California’s high-speed rail project will be in a good position to compete for $36 billion in federal grants over the next five years.

But the bill that just passed with significant Republican support is only the first half of the infrastructure package. There’s another package winding its way through the budget reconciliation process. Those additional funds, in addition to state matching funds, could be key in getting California’s project finished.

General LA

L.A. County supervisors seek to decriminalize bike violations after Times investigation

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday moved toward decriminalizing bicycling violations and ordered a review of “biased policing” the Sheriff’s Department uses to enforce such laws.

Learn more about the unanimously approved moves as well as next steps.

Antelope Valley Line Update

The Antelope Valley Line (AVL) Capacity and Service Improvements Program is a proposed project that aims to improve service frequency and reliability along the 76.6-mile long rail corridor between Lancaster, the Santa Clarita and San Fernando valleys and downtown Los Angeles.

Follow the link to see what progress has been made.

Arroyo Verdugo (Includes Burbank, Glendale)


New Raised Protected Bike Lanes on Hollywood Way in Burbank

See the new and improved lanes along the Burbank Airport’s eastern frontage, between Burbank’s two airport Metrolink stations.

Central LA (East, Northeast, South Central, Mid-City)


Supply chain problems delay Taylor Yard bridge opening

The structure -- officially known as the Taylor Yard Bikeway/Pedestrian Bridge -- is the third L.A. River bridge to be constructed in recent years in a stretch of the river known as the Glendale Narrows. And like the other bridges, the Taylor Yard bridge will be off-limits to motor vehicles. Instead, it's intended for pedestrians and cyclists.

Get the full details below.


City of Inglewood officials have appeared to successfully lobbied LA County Metro to implement more changes to the yet to be opened Crenshaw/LAX rail line. These changes will have a major impact on commute times for those traveling through Inglewood.

Westside Cities (WeHo, Culver City, Santa Monica, UCLA)


Who Is Trying to ‘Save Parking Structure 3’ From Becoming Affordable Housing?

This article explores the pushback Santa Monica has been met with over their plan to tear down an underused parking facility in the heart of downtown and replace it with affordable housing.

Click below to learn why there is more to this story than refusing housing for the underprivileged.

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