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News for Your Neighborhood: Infrastructure & Policy Updates


State Level

CalBike is advocating for $2 billion for bikes

As Governor Newsom and the legislature resume negotiations about budget surplus funds for transportation, CalBike is advocating for $2 billion for bikes. $2B for Bikes could have a significant impact on your members, because it would provide immediate funding for about 80 excellent and shovel-ready ATP Cycle 5 projects, and some of those might be right in your community. This google sheet lists all the Cycle 5 projects ranked by score. Projects in green were funded. The additional money from the surplus would fund projects with a score of 86 or higher, down to line 139 on the sheet. Please highlight local projects that could receive funding in your communications with your members and on social media. That is the best way to make the stakes of this campaign tangible.

We’ve set up a campaign page with an action tool that lets people email their Assemblymember, Senator, and the governor with a few quick clicks.

General LA

Take Metro's Budget Survey

Metro is requesting feedback as they develop their annual budget for Fiscal Year 2023. As Los Angeles continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, Metro wants to make sure its budget reflects the needs and preferences of customers, riders, and the people of Los Angeles. Please click the link below to access the 10-minute survey.

After you complete the survey, please enter your contact information for a chance to win a $50 Target gift card or a monthly TAP card! The survey will be open until January 24, 2022.

Antelope Valley (Lancaster, Palmdale)

Central LA (East, Northeast, South Central, Mid-City)

Silverlake Reservoir Master Plan

The City's Bureau of Engineering kicked off the environmental review period for the master plan improvements, which calls for redesigning 116 acres of the 127-acre complex with community green space, knitted together by a 2.5-mile perimeter path. Read more details as well as check out more renderings of the plan below.

San Fernando Valley

Parking areas are being targeted for redevelopment

In a motion entitled "Building a Livable City," Los Angeles City Council President, Martinez, instructs the Planning Department and LADOT to take stock of the number of parking spaces needed to serve Van Nuys City Hall and other government functions in the Van Nuys Civic Center, and lay out a plan for consolidating parking onto a smaller footprint. This would clear the path for redevelopment of the complex's remaining parking lots with a mixture of affordable housing, open space, retail, and other community serving uses. Likewise, Martinez proposes that any scheme also incorporate amenities for pedestrians and cyclists.

San Gabriel Valley

Pasadena Transit Adds Route H Shuttle for

Rides to the Huntington

The Huntington Library, Art Museum and Botanical Garden is a giant 120 acre slice of heaven in Pasadena and San Marino. Last week, a new shuttle route operated by Pasadena Transit began connecting the Huntington’s attractions to the Gold Line Station at Sierra Madre Villa. Follow the button below to get all the details for this free route.

Westside Cities (WeHo, Culver City, Santa Monica, UCLA)

New Bike Lanes in Santa Monica

Check out new bike lane infrastructure installed on 23rd St. Between Ashland and Airport Ave shared on Santa Monica Spoke's Facebook page.

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