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Reporting Blocked Bike Lanes on Social Media

While there isn't currently an official reporting protocol for blocked bike lanes, we at LACBC know how important it is to recognize when infrastructure is being improperly used. We hope to help amplify your voice when calling out these incidences around the county. If you are on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, we invite you to follow the instructions below for informally reporting blocked bike lanes.

  • Identify exact location: cross streets

  • Include date and time

  • Photos and video footage are encouraged

  • Tag LACBC along with any elected officials for that district, city and or county as well as public agencies

  • Include #BikeBlockedLA to create a social media database of complaints that officials and other organizations can access

Accounts to tag:

  • LADOT (City of LA only)

    • @ladotofficial

    • @ladotlivable

  • LA County Department of Public Works (LA County unincorporated only)

    • @lacopublicworks

  • LA County Department of Public Health

    • @lapublichealth

  • LA Metro

    • @metrolosangeles

  • Other cities

    • Make sure to research and look up individual city public works departments

  • City Councilmembers (go district specific if possible)

  • County Supervisors (go district specific if possible)

    • District 1: @hildasolis

    • District 2: @holyjmitchell

    • District 3: @sheilakuehl

    • District 4: @supjanicehahn

    • District 5: @kathrynbarger

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