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Off the Chain With Tamika: What’s in Store for 2017

A message from Tamika Butler, LACBC’s Executive Director:

Dear LACBC fam,

Happy new year! I’m excited to be back at HQ and getting back into the swing of things in the new year. This year marks LACBC’s 19th birthday! That means we’re going to be leaving our teens behind and entering our tenacious 20s. We’re excited about all that’s on our plate for the year ahead, but we also want you to keep your ears open. We’re planning something big for our 20th year. We’re heading into the planning process now and we’re going to be coming back to our member to launch us into our next chapter.

So what does this year have in store for all of us? So much! Last week we had our staff retreat (photo to the right) and we planned out the year ahead. Here’s what is on deck:

  1. We’re doing a new strategic plan! It’s the right time and as we go into our 20th year, we are refining our vision and our brand and getting ready for the new challenges ahead. We’re going to be looking to interview stakeholders, so look out for more communication from us.

  2. We had another successful fundraising year, raising the most money in LACBC’s history. We’ve grown from a small organization to an organization with a $800,000 budget when I started, to hitting a $1.2-million budget last year. With Erik, our new Development Director in place, we’re poised to raise more money than ever this year. You want to help? Your first opportunity is already here. Join Team LACBC on Climate Rideand help fight climate change and raise money for LACBC.

  3. We’re going to invest more time and energy into our local chapter programand Neighborhood Bike Ambassador Want to know how to be informed for the March elections or how to engage locally or at Metro? We’ll make sure you’re ready as one of our local leading advocates.

  4. We’re not just investing in you, we’re investing in our team at HQ so they can better serve you. We’re going to be looking at our structure as part of the strategic plan, hiring, reorganizing, and getting ourselves the training and resources we need to do our best work.

  5. When it comes to campaigns, we’re keeping our eyes on the prize and continuing our work at LACBC and as part of different coalitions to work on the campaigns that matter most to you:

  6. Keeping you up-to-date on the issues that matter like adding protected bike lanes, theL.A. River, Bike Month, and Active Streets LA.

  7. Staying on top of Measure M implementation, participating in the policy guideline process, ensuring spending transparency, and continuing the fight for biking and walk investments. We’ll do this in conjunction with our advocacy around Metro’s Long Range Transportation Plan.

  8. Holding the City of Los Angeles to its promise to achieve Vision Zero by 2025 and getting other cities in the county to take the pledge.

  9. We’ll continue to be a leader at the national level in incorporating equity and the dismantling of systematic racism and oppression into all that we do at LACBC.

And finally, we’ll keep having FUN! We have a great year ahead, we hope you are as excited as we are. Join LACBC or renew your membershipsign up to volunteer, and get engaged. We’re out to make L.A. a better place to live and bike and we can’t do it without you!

Tamika Butler

LACBC Executive Director

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